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Spanish Brides: New Tips On Dating Them In 2022

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, socializing has become quite complicated. But still, people cannot live without reaching out to each other, gathering, and making new connections. The last two years were tough, especially for young single women and men who hadn’t found their loved ones. During the pandemic, they had a small chance of going out and meeting their potential partners, but does it mean they should give up their wish to find their love? Surely not. In this guide, we will tell you about women from one of the European countries that suffered the most from COVID-19, and how to meet them.

Spanish Brides: New Tips On Dating Them In 2022
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Advertiser Disclosure

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Maura, 22

Maura, 22

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Occupation: Retail Consultant

Children: No

About me: Although I had an experience of toxic relationships before, I still believe in love and want to meet a new partner to build up a healthy bond. My hobbies are bowling and rope jumping.

Blanca, 30

Blanca, 30

Location: Toledo, Spain

Occupation: Office Manager

Children: No

About me: My previous relationships lasted for five years, so now I’m not looking to tie myself to another person for such a long time. I’m here for fast hookups and occasional dating. Text me if you love dogs.

Juana, 28

Juana, 28

Location: Bilbao

Occupation: Makeup Artist

Children: No

About me: I dream about dating a kind, reliable, and interesting man. In relationships, I aim for trust, understanding, and mutual support. If you have the same values, let’s chat tonight. In my free time, I love reading and shopping.

Renata, 29

Renata, 29

Location: Valencia, Spain

Occupation: Doctor

Children: Yes

About me: I’m looking for a partner who can tolerate my night shifts at work and days away from them when I’m on my training or conferences. I’m ready to give all my free time back to such a person.

Alba, 26

Alba, 26

Location: Granada, Spain

Occupation: PJ Dancer

Children: No

About me: I have a wide social circle, yet only a few men take me seriously. Therefore, I decided to join an online dating community to meet single men to build a strong bond. My hobbies are boxing and swimming.

Carmen, 21

Carmen, 21

Location: Madrid, Spain

Occupation: Student

Children: No

About me: I’m a medical student who spends a lot of time studying. Yet I’d love to enrich my social life and start dating someone. If you like drinking beer and watching soccer, invite me on a date.

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Spanish Brides: Who Are They?

They are beautiful 

First of all, we have to emphasize that Spanish women are very attractive. They have everything it takes to seduce men from all over the world: light laughter, open smiles, deep expressive eyes, and great shapes. Spanish brides come in short and tall heights, they can be slim, athletic, or curvy, but what unites them is their facial features, dark hair, and tanned skin. The majority of Spanish girls are hot brunettes who you will not forget after you meet them once. 

They are committed family members

Family is a basic value for Spanish society, so local people appreciate their family ties a lot. That is the reason why Spanish women are the most loyal and humble daughters, sisters, mothers, and wives in Europe: they see themselves as part of the family which is their support, protection, and pride. Therefore, if you want to find a partner who values family a lot, consider meeting Spanish mail order brides for marriage. 

They are humble workers

Being good at what they do for a living is another priority for Spanish women. They study a lot and do their best to achieve a good position at work. Their persistence and striving for success lead them to their goals eventually, and that’s why we can say that Spanish brides are quite independent and self-sufficient. At the same time, Spanish mail order brides often choose family instead of career once they get married (as you might have guessed, Spanish women do not rush to get married). So if you want to have a smart and hardworking partner who enjoys their job but is also ready to spend some time on maternity leave, choose a Spanish bride. 

Best European women profiles

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They are romantic girlfriends

Last but not least feature of Spanish ladies is their romantic nature. They love giving meaningful gifts for anniversaries and special occasions, organize unusual dates for their boyfriends and create thematic parties to celebrate holidays together. They are never tired of choosing dishes and drinks to please their men and demonstrate their feelings for them with delicious dinners. Such care never ends even in marriage, so if you want to have a wife to make you happy, a Spanish mail order bride will be your match. 

Pretty Spanish Girls

Spanish Wedding Traditions

Catholic tradition

First of all, we’d like to note that weddings in Spain are usually held according to Catholic tradition, meaning that a couple comes to church for a ceremony, and after that goes on to the party with relatives and friends. Mostly, brides and grooms in Spain prefer having all ceremonies (official and at the church) done in the morning to start the party as soon as possible. This is because Spanish weddings are all about dancing, so guests need to have enough energy for that. 


In Spain, brides and grooms have no maids of honor or best men to help them with their wedding organization. Instead, this role is taken by the couple’s godparents who were chosen for them in their early childhood. Thus, all the assistance that a bride or a groom may need before and during the wedding is provided by their godmothers or godfathers.

Wedding rings

Unlike Americans, Spanish people wear their wedding rings on the right hand, while  engagement rings are worn on the left hand. Also, couples choose simple golden rings to mark their marriage instead of fancy rings that are popular in the USA. 

Keeping last names 

As you might have heard, Spanish brides and grooms don’t change their names once they get married. Both wife and husband keep their last names as they were before, and only when the children are born, they receive both last names from their mother and father. 

Throwing confetti after the ceremony

Once the ceremony at the church is done, the couple goes out of the church and gets a lot of confetti thrown at them to be happy and prosperous in the family life. Such a tradition is still very popular in Spain, so guests collect as much confetti as possible before the ceremony to wish the newlywed couple all the best. 

Exchanging gifts

It is also popular among Spanish people to bring envelopes with money to thank the couple for the wedding invitation and raise money for them. This is done during the reception after the church ceremony. But guests are not the only ones to give the presents to a couple: a Spanish bride and groom also give small but memorable gifts to everyone who came to greet them with their special day. 

Wedding cake

The last wedding custom that is carried out in Spain is cutting the wedding cake. Despite the fact that Spanish cakes are not as abundant as American ones, every couple chooses the best cake and is eager to share it with all guests at the party. The cake is cut by a big sword instead of a regular knife – this is also an important custom to be done at a Spanish wedding celebration. 

Spanish Women Characteristics 

Below, you can find out a few more things that make Spanish brides worth your attention and effort. Compare these features to those of the woman of your dreams to understand whether Spanish girls fit you. 

Blonde Spanish Woman

Facts About Spanish Women

They are emotional. You will notice it immediately when you start meeting mail order brides from Spain: they are very emotional. Their reactions to words, events, or problems can be unexpected and very expressive, so you need to be ready for that. If you prefer dating someone who is rather calm and introverted, Spanish brides are probably not the best fit for you; 

They are strong. Spanish women are not afraid of life obstacles that can drive them off their chosen path: these women know how to overcome the challenges that their fate throws at them; however, they rarely think with their cold head, so your smart and welcoming advice will be valuable;

They are self-confident. Spanish brides never doubt themselves or their abilities to do things. They are brave enough to apply for higher positions at work, travel to see new places, etc. Being a partner of such a fearless woman is an interesting and breathtaking experience that you will love;

They are smart. If you think that Spanish mail order brides are just beautiful but not very intelligent, you are wrong: they have a high intellect and wide outlook that makes them interesting individuals and insightful women. That’s why you should not hope to fool them easily and make them fall for you for no reason; 

They are good friends. After all, being friends with Spanish brides for marriage is also great. They are supportive, understanding, and positive, so you will never feel disgraced or bored with them. 

What Makes a Spanish Woman the Best Wife?

  • She is family-oriented. As we already mentioned in this guide, every Spanish mail order bride is a girl who considers the family as her priority. She imagines herself living with a husband and two or three children rather than choosing to perceive the career of a big boss. This is because of strong Catholic upbringing and desire to continue traditions of her family since Spanish families are big and happy; 
  • She loves children. Raising children is not hard for Spanish women since they are used to taking care of them from a young age: they watch their mothers doing it for their younger siblings and repeat everything after them. Thus, every Spanish becomes good at raising kids when she is a teen; 
  • She cooks well. Cooking skills are the other positive side of Spanish girls that makes them perfect wives. Although they don’t cook as often as Eastern European brides, they have all it takes to create a delicious meal for the family and friends; 
  • She knows how to intrigue her husband. Every Spanish mail order bride stays hot for her husband even after long years together: despite the fact that she gets older, she is still sexy and smart enough to make her partner want her and not look at other women around. 

Where to Meet Spanish Mail Order Brides? 

Since countries have become harder to travel to due to COVID-19 restrictions, many people turned to online dating platforms to make international connections possible. Thus, we advise you to take their example and search for Spanish dating sites and apps to find mail order Spanish brides. You can start from world-known apps like Badoo and Tinder and continue to country-specific apps to meet even more locals in Spain. It will be especially easy for you if you speak Spanish and can keep a casual conversation online.

Once you’ve chosen the website for dating, create a free account, and start exploring how it works. You will see that modern online dating platforms are easy to understand without any previous experience: you will be provided with a search engine to find a bride based on certain filters and a few recommended lists of profiles that you can check out and make contact with. If it’s a Tinder-like app, you only need to swipe left or right if you like or dislike the picture of the proposed person. Then, you will be provided with a chat for two where you can communicate and see whether it’s your match.  

Cute Spanish Woman

Why Do Foreign Men Want To Date Or Marry Brides From Spain?

Some men choose Spanish brides for marriage because of their beauty, some do it for their cooking or housekeeping skills, but there are a few more things that make foreigners think that Spanish brides are the best wives they can find. They are the following: 

  • They are loyal. Although hot Spanish brides are emotiona and amorous, they are not windy at all. They are looking for one partner for a long time and prefer to have only one husband for life. That is the reason for much effort they put into their relationships and desire to find a common language with their husbands; 
  • They are feminine. Spanish brides understand their femininity and use it as their power: they wear lady-like clothes and elegant shoes, adore jewelry and accessories, and act with dignity. Everything in their looks says that they are aware of their beauty and how it influences men around them; 
  • They believe in God. Finally, each Spanish girl believes in the power of God and relies on Him every time she has something to decide. Such a feature also keeps Spanish brides from divorces and altercations with their partners.


Now that you know how to meet Spanish women in 2022 and what to expect from them, you can pick any dating site that offers Spanish mail order brides and start communicating with them. Don’t wait any longer, your partner is likely to be waiting for you there! Just download an app that you like, spend a few minutes on account creation, and start searching for your match. Don’t worry if the first results disappoint you: many more Spanish mail order brides are there for you to meet online.

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