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Chyou, 28

Chyou, 28

Location: Beijing, China

Occupation: High School Teacher

Children: No

About me: My personal life has never been too bright, but now I feel like I’m ready to meet the man who will be my support and love. I appreciate men’s loyalty, reliability, and generosity above all.

Maja, 29

Maja, 29

Location: Lund, Sweden

Occupation: Restaurant Administrator

Children: No

About me: I’d like to meet a partner who is hot, open-minded, and sincere to themselves and me. What I don’t like about men is their desire to be who they aren’t, so please don’t try to impress me.

Nina, 23

Nina, 23

Location: Balti, Moldova

Occupation: Ceramics artist

Children: No

About me: Looking for someone braver than a person saying Hi. You can be brave and I am sure you can reach me. Don’t waste your time on icebreaking. Let’s be bold. Life’s too short for being shy.

Juri, 35

Juri, 35

Location: Kyoto, Japan

Occupation: Cook

Children: No

About me: I’m an easy-going girl who loves cats, detective stories, and watching Netflix. Besides this, I adore working out at the gym and dream of dating an athletic man who can lift me easily.

Valentina,  31

Valentina, 31

Location: Cartago, Costa Rica

Occupation: Nurse

Children: No

About me: I love to take care of other people and I do it every day at work, but I still haven’t met my true love to give all my tenderness to. My hobbies are reading and running.

Elena, 30

Elena, 30

Location: Moscow, Russia

Occupation: Salesman

Children: No

About me: My life is completely interesting and full, but I lack true love in it. I want to meet a man who can be my partner in my every plan, so that we could achieve our goals side by side.

Dagna, 25

Dagna, 25

Location: Valencia, Venezuela

Occupation: Waitress

Children: No

About me: I love my job, my dog, and my ficus. However, I want to have someone significant in my life to have fun and share my life with. I’m also good at cooking, would you like to check it out?

Calista, 21

Calista, 21

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Occupation: English Tutor

Children: No

About me: Finding a soulmate is not easy nowadays, but I’m here to try my luck: I look for a funny and easy-going guy to ride a roller-coaster on weekends. My hobbies are planting and boxing.

Feriha, 20

Feriha, 20

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Occupation: Student

Children: No

About me: For my whole life, I dreamed of having a family and a husband. Now, I’m in my second year of college and I’d like to meet a man to get married to before I graduate.

Camilla, 26

Camilla, 26

Location: Alesund, Norway

Occupation: Music School Principal

Children: No

About me: I’m looking for a man who is ready to start a relationship of trust, mutual understanding, and compassion. Also, I’d like to have a partner to party hard on Friday nights and then spend a weekend in the mountains.

BroomstickWed: Find Your Woman For Marriage

Have you ever wanted to just come out and say, ‘find me a wife!’? Well, at BroomstickWed, you can! At our service, we always strive to guarantee a smooth dating experience right from the moment you set up an account until you arrange a date. If you have already made up your mind about how the girl of your dreams looks and what country she lives in – we will make that dream come true. But if you are yet clueless and insecure about the exact type of woman you like, or you have no idea which foreign lady will be right for you – don’t worry, we will gladly handle this!

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Zhan, 28
Emma, 26

Emma, 26

La Vega, Dominican Republic


Salome, 27

Salome, 27

Bogota, Colombia


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How to Find a Wife Online?

If you talk to different men who have successfully built relationships with women from abroad, you will hear a lot of different opinions and pieces of advice. Although some women share similar behavioral qualities, all of them are different, which means that there is no universal approach to winning a woman’s heart. Although there is yet no ultimate recipe for happiness that works for everyone, there are plenty of tips that have proved to be impressively effective. We will share a few recommendations that will support you on your way to finding the ultimate love.

Set your goals

Once you arrive at a decision to set up a dating account, make up your mind and ask yourself: “Why am I here?”. The answer might be anything: talking to girls, making new acquaintances, or finding a wife. Organizing the thoughts in your head will let you get an understanding of the most suitable women’s portrait. The latter is crucial if you are serious about the idea of online dating and want to do everything to make sure you end up meeting your perfect type.

Explore and use the dating website features

Currently, reputable dating websites work hard to boost user experience and supply users with convenient tools. So why not make use of all features available? For example, some dating apps offer video chatting and audio calling features. Some sites have gone even further and offered their clients an opportunity to send gifts to their matches. So if you are willing to make your dating experience unforgettable, try all of the tools that are at your disposal.


Take action

Messaging is good, but it usually works for a short period of time. After texting for about a couple of months, a woman might start to lose interest and give up on this communication if she doesn’t see its meaning. In order to give your messages a purpose, don’t be afraid to undertake something bigger than just texting – ask her out! It might be challenging to arrange a date if you live in the US and she lives in Russia, but at least constructing a plan will refresh your communication. Additionally, if meeting in real life does not seem possible soon, don’t hesitate to ask her what she thinks about video chatting. Seeing her face and hearing her voice will definitely feel different!

Show that you have an initiative

Women can rarely stand the men who show no interest in talking, require attention, and literally need someone to ‘entertain’ them. Make the first step and be the one to start a conversation. It might help if you go to her dating account and look for her hobbies and interests. If you have something in common – feel free to mention it and begin a discussion. It is always better to avoid talking about nothing, so instead, pick a topic and go on! Once the foundations are laid, and the ice is broken, you will proceed with lovely chatting.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your vision and future plans


You shouldn’t worry that you will scare a woman off if you talk about your future plans. Moreover, she will admire it a lot if you mention how serious you are about starting a family with someone you will fall in love with. Furthermore, it might make sense to talk about your plans at an early stage of your relationship. In reality, some couples simply don’t happen as a result of poor communication, when one side burns for having a family, and another considers the relationship nothing but a temporary fling.

Where To Find A Wife?

A lot of men travel the world in search of their special ones. Some of them manage to find their other half quite easily and fast; others spend years in pursuit of genuine love. So, to find a wife, you have two options: go to the country where you hope to find a bride or simply register a dating account. The first variant will let you see the world, but the effort might be expensive and not as fruitful as you wish. Alternatively, the second option makes the chances of meeting a mail order bride to build a relationship with are approaching 100%. Besides, finding a wife on a dating website saves you time, money and allows you to keep in touch with your matches regardless of your physical location. Since the second option leaves you in a win-win situation, the best option is apparent. So, going back to the question above, the answer would be quite simple: you can find a wife online at one of the best dating apps.

Romantic Couple

At our international dating service, we try to refine every service and every tool to make your dating experience even more exciting. We will provide you with the necessary guidance and help concerning a vast array of issues, so don’t be afraid to start your international dating journey with us!

How Can You Buy a Wife Online?

First of all, we would like to emphasize the fact that one cannot literally buy a wife. Online dating websites have nothing to do with human trafficking, so don’t be scared once you hear the term ‘buying a wife online’. The latter is widely used to describe the world of online dating and mail order brides – the women who search for a partner abroad.

To find a foreign wife, you just need to register on a dating website of your choice and tell a bit about yourself in a bio section. Once you’re all set, you may start looking through hot single women’s profiles. The matching algorithm will show the profiles of women with whom you might have great chances of building a serious relationship. Once you’ve been matched with some mail order brides, you will get an opportunity to contact them right away and enjoy lovely chatting.

If you want to find a wife online, one of the first questions that come to your mind is ‘How much does it cost in 2022’? Below, we reveal everything we know about how to find a wife, whether it is possible to do it for free, and what places are the best for mail ordering your spouse. 

Russian Bride

How Much Does It Cost To Buy a Wife Online?

To put it shortly, it depends. Today, buying a wife online is a service that allows you to meet a woman from almost any country in the world, communicate with her, start a relationship, and get married after a certain time. Let’s see what defines the price of buying a foreign wife: 

The set of dating features provided

This is the first factor that will influence the price to find a wife. If a dating agency offers only the database of womens’ contact information and does not accompany you throughout the dating process, it will be cheap for you. On the contrary, if you ask an agency to find a foreign wife on a turn-key basis (including the analysis of your needs and preferences, a matchmaking process, a guidance through the process of getting acquainted for you, and organization of your trips to the country of your prospective wife’s country of residence), then the costs will increase. 

The interpreter’s service

If you ask to find me a wife from another country where English is not widely spoken, you may need an interpreter to communicate with your girlfriend. It is especially applicable to some Latin and Slavic countries, so you have to be ready to pay for that as well. 

Some men prefer to purchase language courses for their future wives; however, we do not advise taking such a step. You never know whether you will manage to develop a love bond with a foreign woman, so it’s not necessary to invest in her at this point. Helping her with additional language training is reasonable once your relationship gets serious, e.g. she comes to live with you.

The country of your potential bride’s origin

Dating and marriage expenses also depend on the country where your potential partner lives. First, it may be some unpopular country for international dating where only a small portion of women are looking for a foreign husband. Also, it may be a country that is not widely represented by dating agencies in your state. In such cases, even online dating with mail order brides may cost slightly higher than dating a woman from a more popular destination. 

Second, some countries are cheaper than others in terms of accommodation, food, flight tickets, etc. Please consider this discrepancy before you decide to move to a certain country to buy a wife. 

The number of trips you are about to do to meet your wife

Finally, once you make up your mind regarding taking your online communication with a mail order bride to a new level and meet her in her country, don’t forget to count your budget on trips. Also, estimate whether it will be cheaper to travel many times or just one but stay for a few months in your bride’s country. 

Best Countries To Find A Wife

Are you still questioning yourself what is the best country to find beautiful women for marriage? Below, we list some of the most popular destinations for international love and local women’s features. 

Asian Brides: Why Will You Like Them and Where To Meet Them?

When our customers ask us about the best place to find a wife of exotic origin, the first thought that strikes us is Asia. Be it Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, or Seoul, you will never regret traveling to Asia: this continent has all that a Western man can long for: smart, obedient, and well-educated girls who are looking for foreign husbands to support and love them. 

European Brides: The best countries to find them

If you are not that much into Asian culture, you might want to consider European countries to find women for marriage there. This continent will be a great place for you if you are looking for open-minded, adventurous, tender, and brave women to start relationships with. Many European women are also perfect at cooking and household issues resolving and ready to become housewives, while some of them are looking for equal partners to share all the responsibilities. Needless to say that all European girls are extremely beautiful, and you can find them anywhere from Porto and Madrid to Oslo and Berlin. 

Countries to meet Slavic Brides 

The third popular destination to find women looking for marriage is Eastern European countries: Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Moldova, Romania, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. In the capital cities of these countries, you can find me a wife with traditional values who considers a family a top priority in her life. The distinctive features of Slavic brides include kindness, love for kids, and respect for husbands. Besides this, many single women for marriage are ready to give up their careers to dedicate their lives to raising children and caring about their men. 

Where to meet Latin Brides?

Latinas are the fourth most desired girls to meet for American and Canadian men. They are extremely hot, emotional, and caring. Besides this, they are fun and very active: you will hardly ever notice them sitting still in boredom. They can work during the day and spend evenings at parties, but they never forget their responsibilities in families, so their kids grow up loved and well-mannered. Consequently, many Americans consider Latinas the best nationality to marry.

Russian Bride And Foreign Husband

Is It Real To Find A Wife Online For Free?

Since many dating websites have increased their prices recently, we often receive questions from you: ‘How to find a wife online free?’ and, luckily, it is still possible in 2022. Below, we provide a few effective tips on the matter. 

First, make sure you know what kind of woman you are looking for. Is she a business lady or a creative freelancer? Where can she spend nights and weekends? What does she think about online dating apps and how often she uses them? Do not limit your imagination while answering these questions.

Then, search for the most popular free dating apps and websites. We advise paying special attention to the country-specific dating platforms since they are popular among women of a  particular ethnicity. Thus, you are more likely to find a Japanese wife on a Japanese dating app than on Tinder.

Russian Women And Nature

Third, before you decide what dating platform to use, do not forget to skim through its reviews. It will help you understand whether the website is legit and free for real. You may detect some hidden fees charged by a dating platform that seemed free at first sight. In such a case, consider whether these charges are acceptable for you. 

Fourth, you can even try out searching for a wife online on social media sites like Facebook. Will you be lucky to find your true love there? Hardly, since this social network was not intended for international dating and the majority of its users prefers to keep in touch with people whom they already know. Therefore, you may be rejected one hundred times before some women start replying to your messages. 

Last but not least, online dating often turns out to be expensive once you find your special one: you start to feel the need to conquer your woman with traditional gestures of attention like sending flowers and souvenirs to mark certain special dates, or presenting virtual gifts to make them notice you. If you are used to traditional courtship, online dating will not be absolutely free for you.


Now that you know how the online dating world is organized, you can decide for yourself where to find a wife and who will help you with it. The more expensive option implies delegating the matchmaking process and offline dates’ organization to a dating agency. The pros of cooperating with a dating agency are the large database of potential wives, the professional advice on how to find a common language with a foreign woman, the availability of interpreters, etc. This option will suit you if you don’t know how to attract the attention of a foreign bride and make her want you. 

If you are self-sufficient enough to figure out how to find a good wife and how to choose the  best country to find a wife, remember that any dating app or website will work instead of tiring travelling. All you need to do is just choose the one that suits your needs best and start meeting ladies. Text them, like their profiles, bring virtual flowers, and you’ll easily conquer a foreign bride. The pros of dating apps are lower prices, the ability to find your matches and evaluate your chances of conquering a certain woman on your own, and ease of use. 

It is up to you to decide what to choose but remember: there is nothing impossible to a willing heart.

Melanie Wynne Waldman – BromstickWed Writer

Mail-order bride websites can’t deal without a well-versed niche expert. Moreover, the platform has to lean on an opinion of a real specialist who knows the market and the site working algorithms well. For us such a professional is Melanie Wynne Waldman. She is a fan of travel, writing, photography and poking fun at things that are obviously hilarious, head-scratching, cringe-inducing or in some cases, merely ironic. On every trip she could make new acquaintances, new friends, business partners. Thanks to travel, Melanie grew: reached a new level of personal development and explored various online dating platforms. Given all her hobbies Melanie Wynne Waldman had a unique ability to meet girls of almost every nationality. This fact gave her that very expertise in the mail-order brides market as well as the understanding of how to find the right wife online. Being a pretty woman and a versatile personality Waldman can now share some helpful online dating tips and describe women who usually become mail-order brides. Feel that your knowledge and experience on dating foreign women is insufficient? You can find tons of articles, guides, tips and hints on how to find a decent wife online on – our partner website.

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Gan, 27

Gan, 27

Darkhan, Mongolia


Sophie, 30
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