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Moldovan Brides: What Makes Them Unique?

Moldova is a small country in Eastern Europe bordered by Ukraine to the north, east and south; and Romania to the west. The country has a population of 3.5 million people, with 1.5 million of the population being women. Because of the popularity of Ukrainian and Romanian women among foreign men, Moldova brides are often overlooked. This is an oversight, as Moldovan women can compete with their Eastern counterparts for the title of the best brides in Europe. Moldova is an independent republic following the fall of the Soviet Union. Visitors love the architectural treasures of Moldova, its rich cultural heritage, and Moldovan girls. It’s one of the poorest countries in Europe but has a rich history and culinary traditions.

Moldovan Brides: What Makes Them Unique?
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Evghenia, 25

Evghenia, 25

Location: Tiraspol, Moldova

Occupation: Wedding planner

Children: No

About me: Have seen and arranged so many weddings. I can’t wait to be really creative with my own wedding as well. Yet, I have to find someone before that. Perhaps, this is why I am here and writing this.

Nina, 23

Nina, 23

Location: Balti, Moldova

Occupation: Ceramics artist

Children: No

About me: Looking for someone braver than a person saying Hi. You can be brave and I am sure you can reach me. Don’t waste your time on icebreaking. Let’s be bold. Life’s too short for being shy.

Nadejda, 22

Nadejda, 22

Location: Kishinev, Moldova

Occupation: Hair Stylist

Children: No

About me: I am a great cook. It’s my hobby to find out interesting recipes. Looking for an assistant who’ll help me in my gustatory ventures. My attention, love, and care are guaranteed. Waiting for you.

Vasilisa, 29

Vasilisa, 29

Location: Bender, Moldova

Occupation: Lighting designer

Children: Yes

About me: I love Bollywood movies. When they start singing out of a sudden, I can have my pieces of Pizza. But it’s not so cool to watch these movies with the sole companionship of my pizza.

Liubovi, 27

Liubovi, 27

Location: Tiraspol, Moldova

Occupation: Podcaster

Children: No

About me: People say I have a good voice and that I can sing well. Let’s hope that it’s true, as I am going to enchant you with my voice. Intrigued to listen to me? Here I am.

Zinovia, 26

Zinovia, 26

Location: Kishinev, Moldova

Occupation: Professional embroiderer

Children: No

About me: I think art is my passion. I believe it can change people and their thinking. And I can make you fall in love with art. Let me show you its power and magic.

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Moldovan Brides: Who Are They?

Moldova brides make up almost half of Moldova’s population. They have discriminated against Moldovan women in the past, hence women couldn’t play a significant role in their country’s history. However, these women have made strides for equality, but the men marginalized them still.

Despite the odds stacked against brides from Moldova, these women are ready to start meaningful relationships with tolerant and intelligent European or foreign men. Moldovan girls are beautiful and some of them work in show business. Some are singers, while others are models. Yet, few of them have got their name on renowned TV screens or magazines.

Mail order Moldova brides have complex characters and a lot of positive traits. The beauty of Moldova mail order brides is striking, which makes them have a lot of potential suitors. Their beauty is captivating and will leave you admiring them even after meeting them for a long time. A Moldova bride has strong features – tanned skin, dark eyes with arching eyebrows, black curly hair, and plump lips. 

hot moldovan girl

Moldovan mail order brides are not so conservative with their style as you will often see them flaunting their best body features. If you’ve dated any western lady before, you know they dislike spending time at home. European and American girls are always on the lookout for extra trips and hobbies. They love exploring new locations, restaurants, and bars with friends, which can be fun, of course, but tiring as well. 

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This is something you would not experience with Moldovan brides. These women are happiest at home and enjoy spending time with their loved ones the most. Moldovan women are ambitious and hardworking by nature. They do not allow their background to define them, rather; they rise above their circumstances and work their way to success. 

Moldovan Wedding Traditions

One surprising thing about marrying a Moldovan woman is that most Moldovan weddings are celebrated in the fall. The first reason is because of the church. Churches in Moldova have a period they keep for fast and during this period, it’s allowed to have parties. 

The second reason is that they produce Moldovan homemade wines during fall and it’s difficult to have a Moldovan wedding without their homemade wine. Another interesting wedding ritual in Moldova is the stealing of the bride. 

If you are marrying a Moldova bride, during the wedding party someone from the guest steals the bride. Once the groom takes his eyes off the bride, she’s escorted out of the wedding ceremony. To get his bride back, the groom has to pay some money. Yet, most times, the groom won’t get his bride back after paying the amount stated. 

Marriage in Moldova is unique and the engagements are through the families of the bride and the groom. After the engagement, the groom finds two or three men to act as witnesses for his proposal to his bride. Afterward, the witnesses guard the bride until her wedding day arrives. These men also promise to carry out her last wish if she dies before her wedding day. 

Moldovan Women Characteristics

Moldovan girls are hardworking, strong, and mostly in charge of their homes. Moldova mail-order brides make splendid wives because they value family and know how to deal with difficulties. Brides from Moldovan are gorgeous and feminine but susceptible to changes. A Moldovan bride is a girl who is very positive and loves her family and her friends. 

Gorgeous appearance

Because of their long history, Moldova is a pot of genetics, and most times, they favor Moldovan women for marriage. It’s almost impossible to describe the beauty of a Moldova mail order bride in a few sentences. But we can say one thing with confidence: whatever you’re looking for in a Moldova woman for marriage, you will find in a Moldova bride. 

One characteristic feature among Moldovan girls is their dark hair, olive skin, brown eyes, and their outstanding facial structure. They have beautiful natural coloring which allows them to step out with little or no makeup regularly. We cannot mention the unusual fashion sense of Moldovan mail order brides. They never dress in outdated clothes and they have a unique way of dressing, which makes them stand out from brides in Eastern Europe

Natural Charm 

Moldova mail order brides are effortlessly charming and warm. They can easily maintain a conversation when you meet them and they might likely want to develop the relationship further. If you’re not confident in leading conversations, find yourself a Moldova bride. They make it easy for men to talk to them and you’ll appreciate talking to her. 

The best characteristic about a Moldova mail order bride is her charm and charisma that will brighten your day whenever you’re in a bad mood. 

Homemaking skills

Because of their strong traditional values, Moldovan women for marriage make household duties her priority and rarely ask the man for help. This doesn’t mean that a Moldovan bride won’t ask for help, in most cases, she will get the job done on her own. Moldovan mail order brides have an excellent taste for furniture, interior, and house decoration. This means your house is about to change once you decide to date Moldovan women for marriage. 

moldova bride

Facts About Moldovan Women

Here are some interesting facts about Moldovan brides that you didn’t know before. 


Moldovan women for marriage want equality and often prefer foreign guys over locals because of their stereotypical view on gender and equality. Currently, in Moldovian society, there’s a firm opinion that a woman’s place is in the kitchen. This is very challenging for Moldovan women, which is why they prefer advanced foreigners for marriage. 

They like foreigners 

Unlike other Eastern European countries, Moldova is the least visited country in both Europe and the world. Thus, brides from Moldova use every opportunity they get to communicate and meet with foreigners. Also, this is the reason there are many Moldovan women for marriage on dating sites so they can meet foreign husbands. 

Honest and sincere 

One important thing you need to know about Moldovan girls is that they cannot fake their feelings. Brides from Moldova won’t tell you anything but the truth when they are in love with you. You can always tell that a Moldova bride is deeply in love with you by the tone of her voice and her body language. 

As your relationship with Moldovan brides progresses, her honesty will continue to be one of the best things you’ll love about her. She will always be sincere with you and will hardly give you any reason to question her sincerity. 

What Makes a Moldovan Woman the Best Wife?

Marrying a Moldova bride from a completely different continent or country as a foreigner is a tough decision to make. Here are some things that make them the best wives. 

They are great mothers 

Moldovan women believe in the free-child movement and view their life as complete when they are married and have kids running around the house. Most Moldova brides grow up in households with multiple children, which gives them the experience and skills to be splendid mothers. Also, they have affectionate personalities which are crucial in parenthood. 

Adaptable and easy-going 

Many Moldova women for marriage didn’t grow up in the most comfortable conditions, which makes them strong to adapt to anything. Brides from Moldova make amazing wives because they are not afraid of any challenges, especially moving abroad. She won’t complain nor nag, rather she’ll work things out and create a better life with you.


Marrying brides from Moldova means you’ll not only get a beautiful bride, but also an intelligent woman by your side. Moldovan girls love constant improvement and have interests in other areas in life like psychology, education, and sport. Moldova has lots of opera, drama, and ballet theatres and if you’re lucky, she might share them with you.

Lastly, having a spouse from another country will be super exciting for both of you. It gives you access to her broad mind and helps you broaden your mind. 

Where to Meet Moldovan Mail Order Brides?

It’s difficult to see Moldova on the list of the must-visit countries in Europe, unlike countries surrounding it. Yet, there are cute mail order Moldova brides ready to meet and marry foreigners. If you are planning on marrying a Moldovan woman, here are places to meet Moldovan brides. 

Online dating site

Moldovan women have embraced online dating as it’s one of the easiest means to date foreign guys. Moldovan girls are active on many international dating sites looking for men to date or marry. These sites are a good place to start your search if your goal is to meet a Moldova mail order bride. 


Balti is a major city in Moldova and it’s sometimes referred to as the Northern capital of Moldova. This city might not be very exciting when you search for it, but it has a high population of beautiful Moldova women for marriage. In Balti, you don’t need to visit a special restaurant or bar to find Moldovan girls. By simply walking in the streets of the city, you’ll attract a lot of attention from the girls. However, visiting Aurica, the president and Wine house restaurants, and Bentli, the Graff and Monro nightclubs gives you a better chance to meet gorgeous women. 


In popular dating guides, you may see Chișinău as Kishinev – the capital of Moldova. Like any capital in Europe, it has the highest percentage of well educated beautiful girls who speak fluent English. While you’re there, try visiting Pegas, Osho, the Decadence, and Complement restaurants. You can also visit flamingo or Tao nightclubs if you enjoy nightlife and want to meet as many Moldovan brides at once. 

Why Do Foreign Men Want To Date Or Marry Brides From Moldova?

The first reason is that they are charming and beautiful. However, the main reason foreign men want to date and marry Moldovan women is because of their personalities. 

Proper manners

No matter your financial status, mail order Moldova brides understand the importance of first impressions. These girls dress to impress, but their impressiveness doesn’t mean revealing their body, but their elegance of look and neatness. They know how to do right by a man and would treat men like kings once they fall in love with them. But remember that she loves to be treated as an equal in a relationship. 

beauty of moldovan girl

Realistic approach

Moldovan women for marriage grow up in modest families. So, they are aware of the world around them and the situation of their country. They also work very hard and are ready to sacrifice to get ahead of their peers. Yet, a Moldovan bride would never put her family at stake, no matter what. 


Moldovan women believe in equality in mutual relationships. If you intend to treat her like a stay-at-home parent while courting her, it will not work. Instead, treat her as an equal and allow her to contribute to the relationship or marriage. This way, you will enjoy your time with your Moldovan bride. 


How would you think that there would be such remarkable beauty in such a remote country as Moldova? Yet, it holds one of the hidden treasures of Europe, Moldovan mail order brides. If you haven’t decided on visiting an online site to meet brides from Moldovan. I wonder what might hold you back from hitting the search button. 

These women grew up in an inclusive family with a low divorce rate.  Moldovan women are a ride or die, brides. They are rare gems with strong family values and would do whatever it takes for her husband and kids.

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