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Irish Brides: Meet Lovely Irish Women For Marriage

Typical Irish women are tall, slender, and green-/blue-eyed. Their pale skin drives many men crazy. Meanwhile, their personality traits aren’t less astonishing. Thanks to inborn intelligence, cheerfulness, and friendliness, they always have many men around them. Once they pick one, they become his for good.

Irish Brides: Meet Lovely Irish Women For Marriage
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Advertiser Disclosure

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Isla, 36

Isla, 36

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Occupation: Director

Children: No

About me: The work in the film industry makes me want to have a calm life somewhere in rural Ireland. I want to drink warm milk in the morning, stretch outdoors, and ride bikes with my man after work.

Olivia, 31

Olivia, 31

Location: Galway, Ireland

Occupation: Freelance Designer

Children: No

About me: I love guacamole, tortillas, and Irish beer after a long working day. Besides this, I’m collecting porcelain turtles and am looking for a red-haired athletic man. Text me if you think we can match.

Isabella, 30

Isabella, 30

Location: Cork, Ireland

Occupation: Accountant

Children: No

About me: I believe that my age is not too old for having beach walks, kissing in the rain, and taking long rides at night. I’m the one for you if you dream of having a smart, witty, and beautiful partner.

Roisin, 29

Roisin, 29

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Occupation: University Instructor

Children: No

About me: My job gives me professional satisfaction and a feeling of self-worth, but it can satisfy my inner needs of love and affection. Text me if you are ready to satisfy me tonight.

Sophia, 25

Sophia, 25

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Occupation: Post-Graduate Student

Children: No

About me: I study physics and all I want my man to have is a cool sense of humor and intelligence. I’m ready to dedicate my free time to a loving and sincere partner.

Amelia, 28

Amelia, 28

Location: Galway, Ireland

Occupation: Farmer

Children: No

About me: Living in the suburbs of Galway and having a big farm, I have no time to go on dates often. If you are looking for a fun girl from Ireland, feel free to chat live through a webcam with me.

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Ireland: The Travel Guide

Ireland is a fantastic country for tourists. People here speak the same language as you do, but everything else, from the culture and food to the landscapes and the architecture will simply impress you and make you remember your trip for the rest of your life. Here are 5 tips for making the most out of your time in Ireland.

  1. Don’t just focus on Dublin. Don’t get us wrong, Dublin is a fabulous city with a lot to offer to the tourists, but unless you have a special someone you want to stay with in Dublin, there is no need to plan more than 3 days in this city. It’s best to explore as much of Ireland as you can during your time there.
  2. Rent a car. Ireland may seem small if you arrive from the US, but it can be downright impossible to see even 5% of the country’s attraction in limited time unless you have a car. Plus, if you find yourself an Irish bride while you’re here, getting to the dates will be easier with a car.
  3. Ireland is colder than you think. Even if you are planning your trip for the summer, make sure to pack enough warm clothes. Weather can change in a matter of seconds in Ireland, and some of the most beautiful areas by the water are particularly cold all year long.
  4. Tipping is not mandatory. If you’re from the United States, you probably tip up to 20% for everything, but this practice is not mandatory in Ireland. If you really enjoy the service, you can tip the server, but even then, a smaller tip is expected. A 10% tip is considered to be the norm in Ireland.
  5. Be careful with alcohol. Alcohol in Ireland is delicious and inexpensive, but it doesn’t mean you can drink unlimited amounts of it. Even light alcohol in Ireland can be pretty strong, so never consume it before a meal and know your limit. Otherwise you can end up in an uncomfortable situation, especially on a date.
Irish Wedding

Things You Should Know Before Dating An Irish Woman

If there is one thing to know about mail order Irish brides, it’s that they will never agree to marry someone they don’t know very well. And the best way to get to know each other is to date. When dating an Irish woman, you can use your own dating knowledge and your intuition, but these 5 tips will help you prepare better:

  • They are looking for a spiritual connection. An Irish woman can not fall in love with someone based on a physical attraction alone. They also need a strong connection on a personal level. It means you need to have a lot of shared interests and similar views for your relationship to work.
  • Communicate as often as possible. As two busy modern individuals, you probably won’t be able to see each other as often as you want to, especially if you live in different countries. However, there are plenty of ways to keep the spark alive using modern technology, so make sure to fully utilize it.
  • Dates should be fun and relaxed. A big mistake in dating an Irish woman is to put too much emphasis on the dates. In fact, Irish girls don’t really like the concept of dates. Instead, they love to hang out with the men they like. It can be something as simple as a walk in a park or sharing a pint of Guinness — the only condition is that you both have fun.
  • Paying for dinner shouldn’t be a problem. No matter what kind of views you have on the financial aspect of the dates, never make a scene when you are dating an Irish girl. If she volunteers to pay, simply agree and say thank you. If she’s clearly waiting for you to pay, you should simply do it and never mention it again.
  • Their friends and family should like you. An Irish bride can really fancy you, but if her friends and family don’t know you or have met you and didn’t like you for some reason, it’s going to basically ruin your chances with an Irish woman. Luckily, they are not hard to please — just be yourself and be upfront about everything.

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Irish Brides From Different Regions Have Different Personality Traits

Ireland is a country with a complex history and an equally complex present. It feels whole as a country, but it’s also divided into several provinces and several counties. Needless to say, different counties have different cultures and attitudes to life. Here are the most important Irish regions and how they are different from each other.


The Southwest part of Ireland is where some of the most cultured and intelligent women in the country live. They are also very family-oriented and will do anything just to keep their families happy and secure. These girls are hard workers and are deeply loyal.


The West of Ireland is a gorgeous land where you can admire the views every day. Western Irish girls are very outdoorsy and have an active lifestyle, so whether you stay in Ireland or move together to your home country, you will never get bored with your woman.


The Southeastern part of Ireland has one of the most relaxing vibes among all other regions. The women here are not in the rush to do anything. When you meet them, it’s important to build a friendly connection at first, and only then move on to the more romantic stuff.


The Northwest of Ireland is a land of severe beauty. This region is beautiful to look at in the pictures, but it’s also a harsh one to live in. Northwestern Irish girls are strong and resilient. They can overcome anything and emerge from any challenge stronger than ever.


The Midlands are a spot where you will hardly find any foreign tourists. For you, it means that local Irish girls are unspoiled by the attention of foreign guys, so you will be met with a lot of interest and attention from Irish women. There will be no competition, only fun and romance.

Irish Red Hair Girl

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, but it is firmly rooted in Irish history and culture. Women in Northern Ireland are complex creatures with fascinating personalities and a practical attitude to life. They are confident and can achieve whatever they’ll think of.

Irish Women For Marriage: What Makes Them Stand Out?

We are convinced that an Irish mail order bride, but what exactly is so special about them and why should you consider an Irish mail order wife? These are just some of the best things about Irish women.

They have their own standard of beauty

Irish girls look both very familiar and unlike anyone you’ve ever seen before. They typically have pale skin with freckles, red or brown hair, and gorgeous green eyes that you can look into for hours. The facial features of Irish brides are not particularly strong, but they are absolutely adorable and very youthful at any age. Irish girls can be surprisingly curvy, but most of them have lean, tall bodies.

They are incredibly fun to be around

There are many myths surrounding Irish women, but the one stereotype that is actually true is that Irish girls have outstanding personalities and you can be with them forever without getting bored. It’s a combination of natural charm, intelligence, and a desire to make their partner happy. An Irish bride will always think of a new fun activity to try together, even if it’s just making a hearty dinner at home.

They can take matters into their own hands

An admirable feature of Irish mail order brides is their confidence and their desire to assume the initiative in any situation. They know what they want and they have a whole plan for achieving it. The good news is that an Irish mail order wife won’t compete with you for the leading position in your relationship or future family. She just wants to know that her opinion matters and that she can get what she wants.

They make outstanding mothers

Motherhood changes the worldview of Irish women and makes them more caring, affectionate, and patient than they’ve ever been. This won’t change the relationship between you two, but an Irish wife is one of the best candidates to make the mother of your children. And if you have kids from previous marriages, you can rest assured your Irish wife will love them as her own. In fact, that’s true for your other family members as well.

They will blow your mind with their cooking skills

Irish cuisine is not elegant or exotic, but it’s wonderfully comforting and instantly reminds you of the best times in your life even if you haven’t tried it before. You need to sit down for just one dinner made for you by your Irish wife to fall in love with this country’s cuisine forever. And if you think that Irish food is all about stews and soups, the variety of Irish snacks, salads, and desserts will change your whole idea about cooking in Ireland.

Irish Wedding Traditions: The Top 5

You can read a few books on Irish culture, but none of them will give you a better idea about the Irish way of living and spirit than a traditional Irish wedding. And when it’s your own Irish wedding you’re getting ready for, you should prepare for an even bigger cultural revelation. Here are 5 most important wedding traditions you will see on every Irish wedding.

  • Horseshoes and shamrock everywhere. Shamrock and horseshoe are two biggest good luck symbols in Ireland, so naturally they are present at any wedding. You can find these symbols in the venue decoration, jewelry, and even the bride’s bouquet.
  • Tying the knot. For most people in the world, ‘tying the knot’ is just an expression, but it actually means exactly that in Ireland. During the ceremony, an officiant will tie the couple’s hands together with a rope or a ribbon as a symbol of unity and faith.
  • Claddagh rings. You can always tell that a married couple is Irish by their wedding rings. Irish brides and grooms exchange Claddagh rings on their wedding day. These lovely rings with hearts, crowns, and hands look gorgeous and special on everyone.
  • Ringing the bells. A metal bell is another object you will see everywhere at an Irish wedding. The guests in the church will ring their bells when the couple is walking down the aisle, and couples are often given big symbolic bells as wedding gifts.
  • Traditional entertainment. You can never mistake an Irish wedding reception for a reception in another culture. First, traditional Irish music, featuring Uilleann Pipes and Celtic Harp, is playing. Second, there are professional Irish dancers and anyone can join in. Third, classic Irish treats and drinks are served, and everyone is having an incredible amount of fun.

Why Are Irish Brides Looking For Foreign Husband?

Ireland may seem like one of the greatest countries in the world. It’s economically stable, socially developed, and gives its women all the opportunities they need. However, the number of mail order Irish brides continues to grow every year, and there are a couple of reasons for that:

  • Irish brides feel trapped. Ireland can seem like a big country to some, but in the end, it’s a relatively small island and there aren’t a lot of options for Irish girls who want to transform their lives. They are often scared to move away on their own.
  • Irish women are adventurous. Even when an Irish girl is perfectly happy with the life she has in her home country, she always wonders what the rest of the world has in store for her. Going to live abroad with her dream man is the perfect scenario for an Irish woman.
  • Irish men have trouble with commitment. Of course, we are not talking about every single man in Ireland, but there is definitely a trend of Irish guys being more interested in work and social life than relationships and family. This is not what Irish women want in life.

Where Can You Meet Irish Brides?

A visit to Ireland should definitely be on your bucket list, but it’s not the best way to meet Irish women for several reasons. First, Ireland is a big and diverse country, and while you’ll probably want to visit each region to explore different kinds of Irish brides, but it’s rarely possible. Second, Ireland can be an expensive country to stay in for more than a week, and you shouldn’t expect to spend less than 2 weeks when you want to meet Irish women. Third, Irish girls can be wary of foreigners coming to their country, as they suspect they want only flings, not serious relationships.

Considering all this, going all the way to Ireland to meet Irish women is not the best way to do it. You’ll have much better results with far less effort if you join one of the popular international dating sites. On these sites, you can meet thousands of legit Irish mail order brides. They are every bit as beautiful, charming, and fun as the women you meet in Ireland, but there is one important difference: Irish mail order brides genuinely want to meet foreigners for serious relationships and marriage. So you can choose the most attractive women and rest assured they are excited to get to know you.


The decision to meet Irish woman, whether you want to date or straight up marry her, can be life-changing in the best way possible. Even if Ireland is thousands of miles away from you and you don’t know any Irish girls in person yet, trust us when we say that an Irish mail order wife is the perfect life companion for any man. And now that you can meet Irish women without leaving your home and without risking anything, there is really no point in dreaming about Irish brides and not actively working to get them. Begin your greatest love story today with Irish mail order brides from our recommended dating sites.

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