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Why Asian Brides Are So Trendy Among Western Gentlemen?

Many Western men secretly dream about Asian women. These exotic beauties have excellent physical characteristics. But they also have kind and sweet personalities. When they settle down with someone, they decide to devote themselves to their family. Thanks to traditional views on marriage, Asian brides happen to be the absolute focus of affection for foreigners.

Why Asian Brides Are So Trendy Among Western Gentlemen?
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Advertiser Disclosure

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Asia is a vast region with dozens of countries with their cultures, nationalities, and various ancient traditions. It is the largest and most populous continent on the planet with over four billion people. Asian countries differ from other regions of the planet in their enormous cultural diversity, which is almost impossible to generalize. Even outwardly, the Asian peoples differ from each other no less than, for example, the Finns from the Italians.

Asian brides can live in different countries such as Japan, Vietnam, India, or the Philippines. Any Western man can always find just such a bride that would ideally match his preferences, dreams, and desires. Before meeting Asian women for marriage, it would be helpful to understand the differences between Asian girls from different countries. However, some common features can be identified, and this article is about this without giving absolute judgments.

Best Asian women profiles

Fukumi, 24

Fukumi, 24

Tokyo, Japan


Kartika, 29

Kartika, 29

Semarang, Indonesia


Annisa, 26

Annisa, 26

Medan, Indonesia


Fitri, 22

Fitri, 22

Jakarta, Indonesia


Lan, 24

Lan, 24

Shanghai, China


Ju, 31

Ju, 31

Beijing, China


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Asian Brides: Who Are They?

Many men from developed Western countries are looking for beauty, grace, and ardent passion in Asian women, others — for their obedience, loyalty, and household abilities. Compared to American or European ladies, Asian brides are generally kinder and more submissive. Asian girls are generally brought up with traditional values, and they are far from the emancipation that we constantly encounter in Western countries. Generally, Asian brides dream of creating a healthy family and dedicating their entire lives to their husbands and children.Asian cultures are collectivist, as opposed to predominantly individualistic Western cultures. Spirituality plays a significant role in all Asian cultures, and the material aspects of life are secondary. Therefore, Asian women easily endure any life hardships. They do not need any special education to realize that all of the problems come and go. You can see this philosophical approach to life in humble smiles that never leave their faces.

Stunning Asian Bride

Asian Wedding Traditions

A wedding is a very significant event for all women, and even more so for Asian ladies for marriage. As in the rest of the world, a wedding in Asian countries is a solemn, exciting, and colorful event. Luxury, silk, gold, and precious stones are the most appropriate words to describe the dresses of Asian girls for marriage. If you are lucky to receive an invitation to a wedding in one of the Asian countries, be sure to use this chance to see the wedding ceremony with your own eyes.

Traditional Asian Wedding Dress

South Korea

Korean brides wear dresses of different colors depending on their age and status. Traditional Korean wedding outfits are bell-shaped and consist of many elements. Each dress is unique and hand-sewn specifically for each bride. The dress is decorated with embroidered flowers and butterflies. Contemporary Korean women prefer more European-stylish outfits, but with national elements. During a few days of the wedding, the bride usually changes several clothes.


In India, brides dress in silk saree with very heavy hand embroidery. The traditional color of an Indian wedding outfit is red. However, this suit can be of blue, yellow, green, orange, and other bright colors. In the northern regions, a married woman usually wears a red dot (bindi) on her forehead. Divorce is prohibited in India. The languages of India did not even have a word for divorce — it came from the Arabic language in the 20th century.


Until the 20th century, the Vietnamese married at an early age. The bride was chosen by the man’s family members, and the newlyweds did not have the right to vote. In this country, the bride’s wedding dress consists of a headdress, trousers, and a tunic. The trousers and tunic are traditionally made of silk. The tunic is worn over the trousers. The most common color for a wedding outfit is red. It is believed that this particular color will bring good luck to a young family. 


Traditional wedding dresses of Thai brides are very similar to Indian ones. However, Thai brides usually prefer pastel colors. The wedding gown is traditionally made of silk and comes with a shawl. Often, one shoulder of the bride is left uncovered. Usually, the bride changes three outfits during the entire wedding that can last several days.


In China, brides traditionally wear red silk dresses, but the red outfit is put on only for the ceremony. In the north of China, the wedding dress has to fit the bride’s figure, and in the south, young women usually wear a jacket and several skirts. The bride’s head should be covered with a red veil and decorated with a diadem. After the ceremony, the groom removes the veil from the bride’s head.


More than 300 ethnic groups live on numerous islands of Indonesia, so it is almost impossible to distinguish a traditional Indonesian wedding dress. The main rule of all Indonesian weddings is that there should be a lot of guests. All wedding decorations in Indonesia are stunning in their wealth and beauty. A few days before the wedding ceremony, many Indonesian brides paint their bodies with intricate ornaments using henna.


In ancient times, Japanese men were allowed to have several wives, but with the advent of the samurai, customs changed and monogamy was established. A traditional Japanese wedding dress must be white as a symbol of the bride’s purity and chastity. The snow-white outfit is supplemented by a luxurious cape with images of birds and flowers. After the ceremony, the girl can change into a red kimono, which is a symbol of good luck.

Beauty Of Asian Girl

Asian Women Characteristics

An experienced gentleman often realizes that he needs to have not only an attractive but also a loyal and caring wife with a gentle and peaceful nature, who will not look for reasons to shy away from doing household chores. These aspirations make Western men meet beautiful Asian girls for marriage. It seems that these beautiful ladies have a perfect combination of all the qualities that a Western man can look for in his future wife. Once a man decides to marry an Asian woman, he becomes the center of her world.

Based on an analysis of social networks and dating websites, sociologists concluded that alliances between Western men and Asian wives seem to be the most durable. The propensity of single Western men for Asian women is often attributed to the fact that these brides adhere to patriarchal traditions that are already rare in the West. Many gentlemen admit that they are looking for precisely those qualities in women that make them think the family is their main focus of attention.

Asian brides for marriage are women who love and respect their man. Any Asian woman will never confront him in public or gossip about his possible failures with her girlfriends, which is common among many Western women. When an Asian wife finishes all her household chores, she is more willing to devote her free time to self-education, rather than to useless gossip. She will not ask or nudge her man into revealing details of his past relationships. Usually, Asian wives do not care how many girls their husbands have dated before.

What Makes an Asian Woman the Best Wife?

Many Asian brides are willing to meet men from other countries and are ready to cross the ocean to live in a different culture. A lot of girls from Asian countries find it difficult to meet good guys for marriage in the real world, so these singles consider using international dating sites to meet and start relationships with single men. Having access to the Internet, Asian mail-order brides can see that Western gentlemen respect and provide for their women who are dedicated to families.

Why are Asian brides looking for men in other countries? Probably, the main reason for this is the lack of emancipation in Asian societies. In Western countries, it is believed that if a woman does not seek to realize herself in any way outside the family, then this inevitably leads to the fact that she is treated without due respect. Also, there are more men than women in some Asian countries. It seems that many Asian societies are experiencing an acute shortage of decent men.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Married with an Asian Bride

Asian women are some of the best wives a man can hope to get. The age of high technology makes it possible to meet oriental beauties online. Since love knows no boundaries, romantic relationships on one of the dating sites can lead to asian brides for marriage. Many men dream of marrying Asian brides but what exactly makes these women so desirable? Here are five outstanding qualities of Asian brides.

1. Asian Brides Look Great

When you register on an Asian dating site, the first thing you notice is how beautiful each woman is. Asian mail order brides have a special appearance that makes the heads of many men around the world spin. Dark hair, graceful features, and petite stature of these beauties can mesmerize at once. Asian girls are very feminine since they are slimmer and less inclined to be overweight than representatives of other races.

2. They Are Loving and Caring

Most Asian brides you meet online do not have much dating experience with men. It only means that they are full of love and they want to give it to the man they decide to marry. If you want to feel loved and happy every day, you should definitely consider marrying an Asian mail order bride. These wives take great care of their men and become ideal mothers for their children.

3. They Are Smart and Understanding

Some Western men are afraid of a cultural and linguistic barrier with Asian brides. However, these doubts turn out to be unjustified in most cases. Many Asian brides are as wise and cultured as the women in your country. Not all of them graduated from prestigious universities, but they know exactly what to do and say in any situation. Even if there is a slight language barrier, your Asian girlfriend will try hard to speak your mother tongue.

4. They Are Kind and Not Material

Asian girls are usually brought up on traditional values. They are far from the emancipation that we constantly encounter in Western countries. As a rule, Asian girls for marriage dream of creating a healthy family and dedicating their entire lives to husbands and children. Also, spirituality plays an important role in all Asian cultures, and the material aspects of life are secondary to Asian brides. The philosophical approach to life can be noticed in the humble smiles that never leave their faces.

5. Marriage Lasts for Life to Them

Asian women for marriage want to be engaged to the only man they love. That is why they are just so careful when choosing their future husbands among Western men. Do not be surprised if you find an Asian wife who does not agree to marry you immediately after your proposal. She wants to take her time and make sure that there is love between you.

Brunette Asian Bride

Where to Meet Asian Mail Order Brides?

How to find an Asian woman to marry? The best way to find an Asian wife is using a reliable and safe website, where you will not encounter scams. Many Asian dating sites offer a great opportunity to meet Asian women for marriage and several useful options for interacting with them for a reasonable fee. Meeting Asian mail-order brides on international dating platforms is a godsend for men who are looking for Asian brides and value their time.

The registration process is straightforward. Most often, you will need only a valid email address for that. Any documents are not required to provide for joining an international dating site. An efficient search algorithm according to certain parameters is a really useful feature. You can easily meet and buy an Asian bride with desirable characteristics. Note that Asian mail-order brides make decisions in terms of a happy future, so the choice of a man and a specific partner is extremely careful for them.

The largest Asian online dating sites screen new members, which rarely happens on free dating platforms. In this case, you can be sure that the girl you are chatting with is exactly who she claims to be. These online platforms can also help you travel to the country where your favorite Asian girl for marriage lives and arrange a meeting with her. If the girl does not speak your language well, translation services are also provided. Some agencies can even assist with registering a marriage since the legislation of different countries has some specificity.

Why Do Foreign Men Want To Date Or Marry Brides From Asia?

Most Western men cannot deny the physical attractiveness of Asian brides. The first thing to notice is Asian women’s hair. These ladies generally have healthy, silky, straight, and dark hair. Asian girls do not do fancy and sophisticated hairstyles unless some of them want to look like their favorite Hollywood stars. Another significant characteristic of Asian women is their eyes. People say that human eyes are the window to the soul. If so, the souls of Asian brides are mysterious and enigmatic. Their slanted eyes seem to invite men to solve their owners’ riddles.

The next feature of Asian brides is their fair skin. Nowhere in the world do women have such well-groomed skin as in Asia. In most Asian countries, women’s pale skin has been a sign of high social status for thousands of years. Only girls from the highest social strata did not need to work in the field under the burning sun. Therefore, their skin was soft and light. Even today, every Asian mail-order wife takes care of her skin and knows how to do it. To keep their skin pale, these women avoid sun exposure and use natural beauty products.

Another point that should be noted is the small stature and stick-thin figure of Asian brides. In general, it is challenging to meet “plus-size” Asian women. This is mainly due to their healthy diet. Asian cuisine usually includes a lot of fish with few meat products, fresh vegetables, and an abundance of various herbal drinks. Asian brides have perfect oval faces. If you are well versed in geometric proportions of the human body, you should admit that Korean, Japanese, and Thai girls can boast the most proportional faces in the world.

Asian Brides VS American Brides

Many men from developed Western countries are looking for beauty, grace, and fervent passion that distinguish Asian wives. Other men appreciate their obedience, loyalty, and ability to do housework. An experienced gentleman can realize that he needs an attractive and caring wife with a gentle and peaceful nature who will not look for reasons to shy away from household chores, as American women often do. 

Compared to American women, Asian brides online tend to have a significant difference in cultural background, life aspirations, and perception of their primary destiny. An Asian bride can surround you with attention and love that you cannot find in American demanding women. However, marrying a Western man can be a way out of the disadvantaged economic situation of their home countries for some women, but generally this is far from the only reason Asian brides do this. They also believe that foreigners will love them wholeheartedly, just like the former do.


Asian brides are extremely attractive, cute, and family-oriented. Their career and personal benefits are always in the background for them. Therefore, Asian brides become wonderful wives, for whom the main goal is to make their men happy and satisfied in all aspects. Using reliable Asian dating sites, you can meet exceptionally sweet, charming, and gentle Asian brides online. However, you have to take into consideration that dating traditions in Western countries are generally very different from accepted norms in Asian societies.

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