Episode #33 // New Year, New Team: Easy Ways to Get Your Fiancé to Help with Wedding Planning

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    Episode #26 // The Pro's & Con's of Big Weddings

    Episode #26 // The Pro's & Con's of Big Weddings

    Always wanted to have a big wedding? Not so fast. Make sure you’re making an informed decision (informed = hearing from brides who’ve done them instead of comparing yourself to Kate Middleton & her guest count.) Today we’re breaking down some pro’s & con’s of having a larger wedding so you can plan with confidence!

    Episode #24 // 5 Ways to #ProtectYourPeace and Reduce Stress While Wedding Planning: Camille Edwards

    We are feeling #blessed about this one! We have the one and only Camille Edwards joining us for this week's episode and her advice could not be more perfect for all of our brides! Listen in to hear what she has to say about keeping a work-life-wedding planning balance, while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying mindful. I know this may seem difficult but take her advice and try to incorporate it into your lifestyle, we promise you wont't regret it. 


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