Eating Cookies in Private

Aka, Our Privacy Policy & Our Cookie Policy :)

Hey there! We at Broomstick 100% respect your privacy, so we thought we'd lay out exactly how we do what we do when it comes to interacting with you. Since this is an online company, and we don't get to meet each of you in person (one day!) that means we collect data. Data like your email address when you sign up for our newsletter full of bridal tips, or your credit card when you buy a product in our shop (because monopoly money doesn't work online, duh.) In summary, we absolutely PROMISE that any data we collect from you or about you when you use this website is 100% for the good of you -- nothing more or less, nothing extra or on top of what we need to give you what you need and want in your quest to have a phenomenal wedding or wedding business. That means asking you if you're a bride or a vendor when you sign up for our newsletter, so you don't get business tips in your inbox if you're simply trying to plan your wedding, or bridal tips when you're the aunt of the bride. Furthermore, every time we collect your data, we'll let you know EXACTLY what you're signing up for, make sure we collect your confirmed consent, and you'll be able to unsubscribe at any time, like with our newsletter. If you're interested, here, you can read all about these things called cookies (not chocolate chip, unfortunately) that Squarespace (the people we built our website on) collect with your permission when you visit our site. You can also read Squarespace's full privacy policy here, and since they host our website, it includes you and is our overarching privacy policy, above and beyond what you see here.

So in conclusion, because cookies are a standard internet thing and privacy matters to us to make a difference, thanks for supporting us. Love you, and keep eating cookies in private if it brings joy to your heart (and in public.)