Poland: Travel Guide

Poland is a wonderful country with a population of over 40 million is located in the heart of Europe. It can offer an impressive variety of historical sites for any foreigner. In terms of recreation, this country is divided into two parts: the north side with marine beaches and the south area with healing mineral waters and ski resorts. The ancient cities of Krakow, Poznan, and Lodz, Teutonic castles, as well as picturesque lakes and salt mines, are found in the middle of the country. 

You can see the gentle sea, sand dunes, fluffy pine trees, and numerous nature reserves in Poland. Poles are often considered people loving holidays, observing traditions, and supporting old customs. The connection with cultural heritage is felt mostly during church holidays with crowded processions on the streets. For a long time, this country has been famous for the unique charm of Polish brides for marriage. One of them, Maria Walewska, even captured the heart of Napoleon Bonaparte. 

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Things You Should Know Before Dating a Polish Woman

Dating is a tricky matter, especially if you have a date with someone of a different nationality. In this way, starting relationships with Polish girls can be challenging. Perhaps the point is the popularity of Polish women for marriage or the fact that they are used to keep a distance from unfamiliar people. If you did manage to agree on a date with her, follow our recommendations, and your chosen one will not run away in the middle of the evening, leaving you to suffer from humiliation.

1. Do not be late for the date. Unlike many residents of southern European countries, Polish girls are sensitive to the issue of time. You risk not seeing your girlfriend if you are late. This is possibly due to an old academic tradition when students of Polish universities are allowed to leave the lecture if the teacher is late for more than 15 minutes. Therefore, if you cannot come on time, call her and warn her about it. 

2. Think about inviting your Polish girl to the cinema. Polish women like to go to the movies on dates. However, you should remember that an invitation to the cinema may be considered overly romantic by her. On the other hand, your wish to see a specific movie implies that you are really interested in that particular movie and not in her company. Thus, the choice of the place for the date is yours.

3. In Polish restaurants, you should order food carefully. Demonstrating to your girlfriend that you want to try the cuisine of her home country is a winning move. The national cuisine in Poland can pleasantly surprise you with its variety. However, if you have a weak stomach, you should not order blood sausages or certain spicy soups. Every Polish woman will not like if you cannot eat what you ordered. So, take the dish that you tried earlier, if in doubt. Also, people in Poland consider it bad form if one orders food and drinks, and the other does not.

4. Give flowers consciously. On a date, giving flowers to a girl is the right decision. However, never give yellow flowers to Polish women. In this country, this color is associated with envy and insincerity. A bouquet of roses of any other color will be a perfect choice. Of course, black flowers are excluded for evident and universal reasons. In Poland, men often gallantly kiss a lady’s hand when presenting flowers.

5. Do not make negative remarks about Poland. No Polish girl will be happy to hear that Poland is just a developing country with a communist past. You can ask questions about this country, but you should not joke about it foolishly. Even if your lady allows herself to express critical suggestions about her home country, you should not do the same.

6. Do you have to pay for everything in a restaurant or cafe? Attitudes towards traditional gender roles in Poland can vary greatly. Some Polish girls are sure that their men should definitely pay, while others strongly object to it. If you are determined to pay the bill, offer it to your girl. According to Polish politeness rules, a girl will most likely refuse after your first offer, but she may well agree after the second one.

7. Keep up high standards. Usually, dating in Poland ends with one kiss on the cheek. For you, it would be better to follow this tradition, unless, of course, your date takes an unexpected turn. If you leave with a wave of your hand, she may perceive it as a refusal to continue the relationships. On the other hand, an obsessive display of passion is also unacceptable for many local girls.

Polish Brides from Different Regions Have Different Personality Traits

Poland has a rich and complex history. Poles are proud of their history, culture, language, and country. The people of this country have lived for centuries side by side with Germans, Lithuanians, Russians, Ukrainians, and Slovaks. The formation of particular personality traits in different regions of Poland occurred due to the long-term political disunity of Polish lands. In many ways, regional features developed within the main Polish historical regions, such as Wielkopolska, Małopolska, Mazovia, Silesia, and Pomerania.

Polish brides for marriage are considered by many as the most beautiful Slavs. However, you can meet different girls in Poland. Polish women who live in the western regions of the country are often more emancipated, independent, and predictable than those living in the east. It can be explained by the significant influence of Germany in the west and Russia — in the east. Neighboring peoples have had a considerable impact on the Poles and their traditions.

It is manifested in culture, folk traditions, and lifestyle, especially in the countryside. Nevertheless, these distinctions are not significant since people of Poland are very united and close-knit people. Experienced travelers admit that Poles are a semi-Western nation. The central part around Warsaw, the capital city, is more or less Western, and you can feel safe and comfortable there. Inhabitants of large cities of Poland have in many ways the same habits and moral principles as residents of other Western European cities.

Polish Women for Marriage

Contemporary Polish brides with Slavic traditions can understand Western men perfectly, and they become excellent life partners for Western bachelors. Polish girls are gorgeous, religious, and very ambitious. Unlike Western society, career women and workaholics are not valued in Poland. According to the general opinion, women must take care of household chores, cook well, and raise children. A good Polish wife has to create a warm atmosphere in the house: home comfort, harmony, and tranquility.

Therefore, the family comes first for most Polish women. They strive to marry only a loved one and be faithful to him for the rest of their lives. In a Polish woman’s opinion, there is no other thing as treasured as her family. If a Polish lady studies or works, she will dedicate considerable time to her family. The divorce rate in Poland is one of the lowest in Europe. If a woman is widowed, she rarely marries again. Even abortion is forbidden by the government and national traditions in Poland. 

Polish Wedding Traditions

In old times, people in Poland typically married before age twenty. Unmarried women over twenty years old were considered spinsters. If back in the early 90s of the 20th century, Polish girls got married mainly at 22 years old, and the first-born was born between 20 and 24 years, then at the beginning of the 21st century, this important event in their lives take place closer to the age of 30 years. Most contemporary Polish women still believe that an unmarried or never-married person cannot be happy and will have difficulty obtaining salvation.

Even in the recent past, marriage was arranged in Poland primarily by the parents of a boy and a girl, and only then by the young people themselves. Young people could get acquainted most often at meetings that were arranged in the girls’ houses. For every Polish family, the wedding has always been a celebration of the utmost importance. The wedding ceremony varied significantly depending on the region, time, and social conditions.

First, matchmakers came to the bride’s house to find out about her wealth and intentions. This was followed by an agreement between the parents of the bride and groom about the dowry. During the pre-wedding engagement ceremony, the bride and groom sat down at the table opposite each other and laid their hands on a loaf of bread covered with a handkerchief. Then, parents tied their hands over the bread with this handkerchief. All those present received a piece of this bread. After that, the young people exchanged gifts.

After the engagement, the intention of young people was announced in the church, and preparations for the wedding started. On the eve of the wedding, the bride said goodbye to her girlfriends, who were going to her bachelorette party. At the same time, the groom was feasting with his friends and preparing for family life. Usually, the wedding started on Sunday and lasted two or three days. The symbol of the bride’s purity was her wreath. The girl, who had lost her innocence before the wedding, could not go to the church with a wreath.

Why Polish Brides Are Looking for Foreign Husband?

Currently, Polish girls more often prefer foreigners over the local men. Polish brides are excited about foreigners. You can see hordes of foreign guys all over the bars and restaurants in Polish cities and consider how local girls are absolutely amazed by them. You can also meet Polish women in different countries. They enjoy life and sometimes mess around with some foreign men as well. Very often, these ladies speak at least one foreign language fluently.

Foreign men who come to Poland are usually highly-qualified and usually well off financially. While Polish women tend to prefer darker men from Southern European countries, it seems they do not mind meeting German, British, Swedish, and American men. In this regard, Polish women are open-minded and excited about being with somebody from another culture. The very idea of having bilingual children is attractive to many Polish women.

Where Can You Meet Polish Brides?

Meeting Polish women can be an overwhelmingly positive experience for you. For many single men, the best method of getting acquainted is approaching a Polish girl in a cafe, when she is sitting alone, reading a book, or working on her laptop. It can work well all over Poland, especially in the big cities. Meeting during the day or in the evening is similar to the American style when people do not just go out to hang out to see friends but often look for new acquaintances. 

Although Polish brides are very self-confident (more than 80% consider themselves extremely attractive), you will not have much problem with meeting single Polish women who are ready for a new experience. In Poland, you can often see small groups of women partying and drinking, as well as hoping to meet foreigners for having fun. They are really open to knowing new things and meeting new people, especially handsome, self-confident, and financially stable foreign men.

If you are not comfortable approaching women in real life, there is always the option of meeting women online. The most viable possibility for knowing thousands of Polish mail order brides is using international dating websites, which can be easily found on the Internet. Besides the well-known Tinder, you can also use International Cupid, EliteSingles, or eDarling. If you know the Polish language, you can try Onet.pl, Niktsieniedowie.com, or Fellow.pl to meet high-quality and beautiful Polish women who are waiting to meet their foreign men.


If you get to know and chat a little with Polish brides, you will understand that they are marvelous, smart, and cheerful girls. As a rule, these are cute long-haired blondes with regular features and charming smiles. Their appearance features a Slavic charm, natural beauty, and proud posture. They can dress and make up like top models. Also, be sure they are incredibly hot and sexy. These females can easily make contact, and they are direct in the manifestation of their emotions. Undoubtedly, Polish brides can win over with their behavior and sincere attitude towards you.