Who Is A Mail Order Bride And Can You Actually Find A Wife Online?

We are living in a unique time. On one hand, we now have more opportunities than ever to find suitable partners for all kinds of relationships. On the other hand, many of us are too busy to spend time on finding that perfect partner and end up either alone or with a person who doesn’t really suit our needs. However, it doesn’t have to be like that, and the mail order bride phenomenon is the perfect proof.

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Mail order brides are someone you have definitely heard about in the past but never thought it was for you. Still, we know for a fact that every man on earth, no matter which qualities he is looking for in women or what he himself has to offer as a partner, can easily find a woman who matches his requirements even if she’s living thousands of miles away. This is exactly what the mail order bride industry is all about, and here is everything you need to know about looking for a potential girlfriend or wife from a foreign country online.

Who Are Mail Order Brides?

“Mail order brides” are such a familiar term that you probably barely think about who these women are and what makes them look for foreign husbands instead of marrying the men from their own country. However, the story of any mail order bride is much more complex than you can imagine. Here are a few facts about a typical mail order wife you can meet online right now:

  • She is a woman in her early twenties through late twenties, although there are many exceptions and many mail order brides are in their thirties, forties, or even fifties.
  • She has some dating experience with men from her own country or even has been married before but is now divorced or widowed.
  • Most mail order brides don’t have any children, but if you meet a mail order wife in her late twenties or older, chances are she has one or more kids from a previous marriage. When it comes to mail order brides in their forties or fifties, they can have adult kids who no longer live with them and won’t move together with the woman to a new country.
  • It’s widely believed that mail order brides marry foreigners for personal gain. They are interested in improving their financial situation and getting citizenship in a Western country. There is no point in arguing with the fact that mail order brides are trying to build a better life for themselves and their future children, but the potential husband’s financial situation is far from the only deciding factor.
  • The majority of mail order brides are simply unhappy with the treatment from men in their home country. They are often subjected to verbal, financial, and even physical abuse. They are relegated to the job of a housewife and stay-at-home mother or are forced to work day and night to provide for their families since their men seem incapable of doing it. This is what makes them search for better treatment from foreign men.

History Of The Origin Mail Order Brides

You may think that the concept of a mail-order bride is fairly new or dates back to the 20th century, but it’s actually much older than that. The first mail order brides appeared in the 17th century in the United States, where settlements were growing rapidly and doing just fine, but they only had men and very few women. Those single men were desperate for female companions, but there weren’t a lot of American women who were prepared to live in the unwelcoming nature with very little developed infrastructure.

Some men eventually found their future wives by corresponding with their friends and family members living abroad and asking them whether they knew any single women who were willing to move to the United States. After some months of correspondence, those women arrived at the settlements, married their partners, and built a new life in a new place. However, those situations were not very common, as women found it easier to find potential partners at home and not go through the hassle of moving to a foreign country for men they barely knew.

After failing to find women to marry using the usual methods, many men who were living in the United States decided to publish ads in English newspapers. In those ads, they described themselves in a few words and stated that they were looking for a woman to make their wife. They received replies from English women who were interested in moving to the United States for marriage, corresponded with them for some time, and then proposed. The women would then get on a boat and move to the United States, where they would marry the men they corresponded with and start a family with them. That way, the settlements grew and men received real families after years of living alone.

You may be wondering: who were the women who agreed to upend their lives for men they didn’t know and become the first mail order brides in history? There were several reasons why women went for this adventure in their lives:

  • They did not find anyone interesting enough to marry in their home country or their relationship ended in a tragedy rather than a loving marriage — for example, if the man died unexpectedly.
  • They came from excessively strict households where the parents controlled their every move. These abusive parents typically tried to make their daughters marry specific men to benefit the family, and not all women agreed to it.
  • They were involved in a scandal that damaged their reputation and made them unwelcome in the society and unattractive for potential husbands. By moving abroad and marrying a foreign man that knew nothing about them, those women wanted to start with a clean slate.

While the original mail order wives were mostly from England, soon men found out about the benefits of foreign women for marriage. In the 20th century, Asian brides took the spot as the most popular mail order brides. Thousands of Filipino, Thai, and Vietnamese mail order brides moved into the US every year to marry American men, and this trend does not show any signs of slowing down.

How Do Mail Order Bride Services Work?

If you have ever been an active member of any dating site, then you probably already have a good idea about how mail order bride sites work even if you have never visited one. The majority of mail order bride services are designed similarly to other dating services, but they serve a different purpose. Unlike dating sites, where you can find anyone from a one-night-stand partner to someone you will date in real life after a brief period of online communications, mail order bride services are focused on connecting people who want to get married and start a family. Here is how your experience on a mail order wife service is going to go:

  1. You will create your profile, filling it out with true and relevant information about yourself and who you want to find on the site. Don’t forget to add several attractive photos of yourself to make your profile more visible.
  2. You can look for women who match your requirements using the site’s extensive search features or allow them to discover you. Ideally, you should combine those two methods of looking for a perfect partner to increase your chances of success.
  3. After you meet one or more women who caught your attention, you can begin your online communication. It’s best to make it interesting and effective, so that by the end of it, you and your potential mail order wife can’t want to meet each other.
  4. Some mail order bride services use complex matching algorithms or even a human match wizard who will help you meet the woman who fits your expectations the most. In that case, you will need to be even more open about yourself and your idea of a partner.
  5. The best mail-order bride sites now offer a variety of communication options and ways to make your correspondence memorable. Use them all to make the best possible impression on your potential mail order wife.

After you’ve spent some time talking to each other online with a mail order bride, you should act quickly, as the most attractive mail order brides experience lots of attention from men and are usually the first ones to become attached. If you feel like you and your mail order bride are a good match, stop hesitating and arrange your first offline date!

Are Mail Order Bride Sites Legit?

There is no universal way to answer that question, as it heavily depends on the site. The mail order wife industry has gotten so saturated and competitive that there are some untrustworthy players along with the legit ones. However, we are happy to say that there are far more good mail order bride sites than there are bad ones, and as long as you follow some safety tips, you are guaranteed to have a good experience with a mail-order bride website. Here are a few tips that will help you find a bride site that is best suited for your needs:

  1. If anyone outright offers you to buy a bride, consider it to be a major red flag. Luckily, people cannot be bought or sold in this day and age, and all mail order brides on the internet have made a conscious decision to look for foreign husbands. They are not for sale and there is no procedure where you can pay someone for a guaranteed result and get a mail order wife in return.
  2. Mail order bride sites are usually not free, but the amount of money you’ll pay for your experience matters. Typically, you will be asked to pay for a site membership, which is free only for the women, as well as cover the costs of additional communication features such as chats and gift delivery. However, you always need to compare the costs that you’re offered to the market average prices to make sure you are not overpaying.
  3. Good mail order bride sites usually work in one narrow niche. There are mail order bride sites with Asian brides, Russian brides, Latin brides, European brides, African brides, and so on. That way, you can focus your search on the women who absolutely match your criteria and not spend hours trying to find mail-order brides who fit your needs. If a site doesn’t cater to a particular demographic, it can make you waste time and even money.
  4. Scam is nearly inevitable on dating sites, but the difference between legit and bad mail order bride sites is that legit ones take care of this problem. They usually have a profile verification system, where women who sign up for the site have to supply their official ID to confirm that they are actually the ones running their profiles. Additionally, good mail-order bride sites have advanced anti-scam policies and an easy scam report system.
  5. Customer support is an essential requirement for a mail order wife site. Both as a new and experienced member, you can end up having problems with the site or simply questions about the services. That is why it’s so important to have someone who can answer your questions or address your concerns. The best mail order wife sites have multiple ways to contact customer support, which is ideally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How To Find The Best Mail Order Wife?

If you listen to men with mail order wives, you will discover that their experiences can be completely different, as are their journeys to marital bliss with a mail order bride. So how to make sure your experience is as successful as can be? The truth is that there is no secret or a strategy that works 100% of the time. However, throughout our time researching the mail order bride market, we have found that some tips work better than the others. Here are a few ways to make your search effective, safe, and ultimately satisfying.

  • Know exactly what you are looking for. There are situations where you unexpectedly fall in love with a woman who isn’t usually your type, but those are rare. In most cases, by the time a guy reaches a certain age, he already knows what he is looking for in women. You don’t necessarily need to make a list of preferable qualities, but you need to make up your mind. At the very least, you need to decide on the ethnicity, age range, and a few important parameters, such as whether your ideal bride has been married before, has children from previous marriages, and is willing to relocate to your country or expects her future husband to come live with her.
  • Be flexible enough. Having a clear idea about your potential match is necessary for the success of your search, but you also need to be flexible enough in your approach to finding a partner. You can meet the best woman in the world, but one or two things about her won’t match your expectations. For example, she may be divorced or have different religious views than you do. However, that is not the reason to give up on a fantastic woman if you love everything else about her. If those little flaws are something you can live with, consider accepting them and it will always pay off.
  • Pay special attention to your profile. Your profile on a dating site is the first thing the woman sees when you write to her, and many mail order brides on dating sites are actually proactive and reach out to men first based on their profiles. A good dating site profile has true and detailed information about the person and a couple of attractive photos, which can be selfies, portraits, or candid shots, provided that there are no other people in the photo or it’s absolutely clear who you are in the picture. You should also include a self-written introduction along to the answers to the profile questions and write something that will attract the women and tell them about your dating goals.
  • Be proactive. Even though you already know that women on dating sites can also be active and reach out to interesting men, you shouldn’t sit around and wait for your ideal woman to discover you. You have the best chance of meeting the perfect potential partner if you perform your own search. Don’t be afraid to reach out to more than one woman — no one has to know about it and you will be able to know which one fits your personality and expectations best.
  • Be upfront about your expectations and plans. You may think that you and the mail order brides online are looking for the same things in life, but the reality can be different. If your goal is to get married and start a family, you should mention it in your profile or in the early stages of the communication. It can turn out that your match is searching for something else — for example, a fling or an exclusively online relationship — so it’s best to know about each other’s plans and not waste anyone’s time.
  • Utilize all dating site features. Mail order bride websites are constantly improving and offering new functionality to its users. These days, your communication can be much more extensive and creative than just a chat or exchanging letters through the mail. The most advanced dating sites will offer you a chance to call a mail order bride on the phone, video chat with her, exchange photos and videos, and more. There is even an option to deliver flowers and other gifts to your bride personally, and if you want to make a lasting impression, this is one of your best options.
  • Make the communication meaningful. Your online communication can’t last forever and you want to use every chance to get to know your mail order bride before meeting offline. It’s fine to begin your relationship by talking about the weather, your favorite movies, and your favorite things to eat, but you are not her to make a penpal. You are here to find a woman you can make your wife. So you need to talk about the things that actually matter for a romantic relationship, such as your respective views on marriage, children, career, and other things that constitute family life.
  • Don’t drag out your online relationship. If your goal is to marry a beautiful foreign mail order bride, there is no need to communicate with her exclusively online for years. On average, it should take you around 6 to 12 months to know whether this woman is right for you and whether you want to take the relationship offline. If you enjoy your rapport and are sure that the woman feels the same way about you as you do about her, you can safely plan the first offline meeting and see how it goes from there.


No matter where you live, how little or how much dating experience you have, or what you are looking for in a future girlfriend or wife, you can find happiness with a foreign mail order bride. These women are good-looking, loyal, and perfect for family life. Most importantly, these women are searching for the same things in life as you, which is a long-term, loving relationship or marriage where both partners can fully trust each other and work together to achieve common goals. So if that sounds like your idea of a successful relationship, don’t waste any more time and begin your search for your perfect mail-order bride today!