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Indian Brides: Reveal Why Indian Brides For Marriage Are Your Best Matches

What’s common about Gauahar Khan, Sherlyn Chopra, and Donam Bajwa? They’re charming and sexy, and they’re from India. This is a country where you can find countless ladies for marriage. Indian brides continue to grow their popularity in the sector of mail order wives, and their attitude to life, family, and marriage makes them outstanding candidates for marriage. Read on and get the reasons you should be interested in Indian brides for sale.

Indian Brides: Reveal Why Indian Brides For Marriage Are Your Best Matches
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Advertiser Disclosure

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Indian Brides: Who Are They?

Beautiful Indian brides are seeking foreign husbands, and to do so, they appeal to the dating agencies that facilitate the process of becoming mail order Indian brides. Their sole intention is to create a family with a decent man interested in them. Real Indian brides are women not interested in casual flings, one-night stands, or things like that. They’re motivated by creating a real family.

Why become mail order brides?

You can be lucky to get your wife from India. Before doing so, it’s not a bad idea to think about their motivations explaining why Indian women become mail order brides. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Economic reasons. India is a huge place, and there are many poverty-stricken places. It’s not surprising that so many single Indian ladies seek the safety of foreigners.
  • Gender inequality. The problem of poverty is aggravated by the situation related to gender inequality, which is one of the main social problems in Indian regions.
  • Problems with social caste. Class division is another persistent issue motivating Indian ladies to seek a better place where they aren’t judged by the class they represent.
  • Domestic violence. India is one of the countries with higher rates of domestic violence. Thus, seeking a chance to get married abroad is about fleeing from so many problems.  

Given the reasons above, it’s not surprising that the number of mail order brides from India continues to grow.

beautiful indian bride

Are mail order Indian brides popular?

Indian brides for marriage are truly popular brides, and the increasing number of real Indian brides just proves. Besides, what makes Indian brides be in demand is the following aspects specific to Indian mail order brides:

  • Attitude to marriage. Marriage isn’t only considered a serious step in the lives of Indian women, but it’s also seen as something sacred. Religion is a key factor explaining why so many Indian girls strive to become wives and mothers.
  • Respect for husbands. In some southern parts of India, South Indian women justify the violence of men. It sounds wild, but at the same time, it shows undisputed and unconditional respect towards their husbands. So, why not find South Indian brides to get such a committed wife?
  • Submissive nature. An ideal wife should be docile. This is what many women have been taught. They believe that submissiveness is a key factor in making a husband happy and maintaining a family in harmony.

No doubt these women are born to be ideal for marriage and love. Before you plan to marry them, reveal the interesting things about their weddings. 

Best Asian women profiles

Fukumi, 24

Fukumi, 24

Tokyo, Japan


Lan, 24

Lan, 24

Shanghai, China


Kartika, 29

Kartika, 29

Semarang, Indonesia


Eiko, 31

Eiko, 31

Tokyo, Japan


Tan, 30

Tan, 30

Can Tho, Vietnam


Annisa, 26

Annisa, 26

Medan, Indonesia


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Indian Wedding Traditions

Who hasn’t watched Indian weddings? Actually, many people know about weddings in India, thanks to Bollywood and other Indian movies. Of course, it’s hard to describe all traditions and ceremonies, but it’s clear that their weddings are like festivals where many people gather, and reception can last more than one day.

  • Groom’s arrival. It’s a kind of ceremony, or better say it’s mini parade. While the groom is heading to the house of the bride, he should be accompanied with music, songs, and even dances.
  • Wedding mandap. The wedding process takes place around the mandap or altar. You’ll see the fire kindled at the center of this mandap. It’s believed that the fire is kept as a witness that a couple vows to each other.
  • Floral garlands. An Indian wedding without floral garland isn’t a wedding at all. You’ll see them everywhere. Such garlands are especially important for newlyweds. They exchange their garlands. It symbolizes that 2 families now welcome each other, and they become relatives from this moment on. It’s kind of an alternative to ring exchange.
  • Mangala Sutra. It’s a type of necklace worn by the bride. It consists of beads of black and gold colors. This necklace is believed to invoke Lakhsmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity.
  • Shower of rice. In addition to garlands, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of rice everywhere. Rice is thrown into the fire of the altar. In some regions of India, the newlyweds shower each other with rice. It’s regarded as the custom of happiness.
  • Sindoor. It’s a reddish powder. Generally, it’s applied to the hair of the bride. From that moment, she’s considered to be married. It’s kind of changing the status from single to married one. In some places, the red dot is preferred to dying the hair into a red color.

Weddings in India are events full of bright colors, incredible moments, and joyful experiences hard to forget about. 

Indian Wedding Clothes

Is there a dress code to know about? First of all, you need to know that the wedding is seen as something happy and joyful, and thus, it needs to be colorful. In general, women pick vibrant and lively colors. But black color isn’t preferred, as it’s believed to bring bad luck. White is associated with death and funerals. Red is only for the bride.

So, what do Indian brides wear? When it comes to the bride, much attention is given to her apparel. Much decoration can be seen on the bride, but mainly there are 2 things to point out:

  • Wearing Henna. Henna is applied mainly to the hands of the bride. Intricate designs are drawn on the bride’s hands. Why do Indian brides wear henna? It’s believed that colors and the design of the henna being applied can symbolize many things. For example, the darker henna is on the hands of the bride, the more her mother-in-law will value and love her.  
  • Wearing a red dress. Another interesting part of the wedding is a red dress. But why don’t Indian brides for marriage wear red? Until now, it’s clear that white is something negative. But the red color symbolizes the fertility of the woman and her commitment to the family and the groom.

Of course, red dress isn’t the only dress that brides wear in India. In some regions, you’ll discover yellow dresses, which are also popular. 

Indian Women Characteristics

Indian brides come from a culture of many interesting, odd, and funny traditions. Thus, it explains that a typical Indian woman is a conservative lady sticking to her faith and customs. This actually makes her ideal for marriage. But is that all she can offer to you?

Top 10 features of Indian women

If you’re thinking about Indian ladies for marriage and not sure whether they can be great wives, you better learn more about their features making them decent partners. Here are the most common traits of Indian girls:

  • Sexy ladies. Are Indian women charming and elegant? Look at Neha Malik, Neelam Gill, and Mugdha Godse, and you’ll have no doubt regarding the gorgeous nature of these sexy ladies.
  • Slim bodies. When you look through the names like Sheetal Menon and Ashika Pratt, you can see how slim bodies they have. This is also true about the majority of Indian women, who don’t tend to be obese or oversize.
  • Diligent wives. Being hardworking is a part of the hard lives of Indian ladies. Thus, they’re never afraid of working, making them diligent wives.
  • Smart women. India is one of the leading countries in terms of education in the spheres like technology, IT, and medicine. Thus, education in this country is highly prioritized, so your future wife from India will be an intelligent woman.
  • Family-oriented ladies. Creating a family and having kids are among the main priorities set by many Indian women. They want to have a stable family where their husbands will love them and take care of their children.
  • Humble and submissive partners. Indian ladies are hardly capricious women. It’s explained by their humble nature making them docile, calm, and at times forgiving.  
  • Multi-tasking skills. it’s better to describe these women as versatile. They manage their time efficiently to complete everything. They’re good at doing their own job and being a perfect housewife.
  • Ambitious women. Indian ladies strive to become better and more successful, and it explains why so many Indian women want to leave the country. They try to pursue their goals and dreams.  
  • Perfect dancers. Singing songs and dancing are so common among Indian women. Be sure that your future wife will know dozens of songs by heart. Besides, she’ll be a great dancer. She’ll be able to perform such dances as Kathakali, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Odissi, and the like.
  • English proficiency. The second widely spoken language in India is English. It means that you will not have problems communicating with your future wife in English.

Indian women are indeed amazing women you should consider for marriage. But that’s not all you can discover about them.

Facts About Indian Women

Planning to live with a spouse who’ll do her best to be by your side? Then get a wife from India! Now that you know what makes real Indian brides so special, you might think about getting them. But before you do so, get to know some interesting facts about Indian brides for marriage:

  • They give importance to family approval. If you want to get married to an Indian woman, getting the approval of her family is a must for you.
  • They’re great cooks. Almost every Indian woman has great cooking skills in preparing food like samosa, biryani, masala, curry, tandoori fish, etc.
  • They love cricket. Cricket is one of the most famous sports loved by men and women. Indian ladies are crazy about Tendulkar Sachin, a famous cricket player.
  • They’re faithful partners. Being faithful isn’t just an obligation of a wife, but it’s also considered to be sacred for a woman to be faithful. Cheating is stigmatized in Indian societies.
  • They’re great at bargaining. They don’t buy anything without bargaining. This is true about frugal women from India. They know how to convince someone to make a discount.  

If you’re convinced that you can hardly find someone better for creating a marriage with, you need to start looking for Indian women and mail order brides right now.

cute indian woman

What Makes an Indian Woman the Best Wife?

If you wonder why you should focus on getting a wife from India while having so many alternatives? Here are the basic reasons to know:

  • Her desire to make her husband content. A typical Indian wife strives to make her husband attached to her, and the best way is to satiate all desires of her husband, which she can do with pleasure.
  • Her attitude and respect for her husband. Did you know that husbands are considered to have the status of god in India, this explains why they treat their husbands as if they worship them.
  • Her skills as a mother. Being an ideal wife is just one of her skills, and the other skill is about being a caring mother. Thus, if you want more than a great wife, you better not waste your time seeking other international brides.
  • Her passionate nature. It’s not only house chores, cooking, and taking care of her child that she’s great at, but she can also impress you in bed. Indian women are known for their passionate nature.

India is the land where you can meet the most charming, unique, and ideal wife candidates, so you better not miss your chance, but where to find them?

Where to Meet Indian Mail Order Brides?

Convinced to find a wife from India? Then, you need to know where to get Indian brides. What about visiting India?

Romance tours to India

Find a decent agency and arrange a trip to the country of exotic ladies who can be great wives, loyal partners, and perfect mothers. Don’t miss your chance to meet ladies in the following places:

  • Taj Mahal located in Agra;
  • Great places of New Delhi;
  • The capital city of Mumbai with its great nightlife places;
  • The land of Kings known as Rajasthan;
  • One of the oldest cities known as Varanasi to see Ganges River.

While romance tours are great opportunities for meeting ladies in person, there’s another alternative to consider.

Online dating sites

Since India is a huge place, you won’t have enough time to visit every place to meet Indian singles. Thus, your best option should be dating sites offering a chance to meet hot and passionate Indian women ready for marriage.

Why Do Foreign Men Want To Date Or Marry Brides From India?

An Indian woman is an ideal person not only in terms of charm like that of Nidhi Sunil but also her personality. The versatile nature of Indian women allows them to be capable of managing their own stuff and family without complaining. They make submissive wives, which is valued by Western men. In other words, a typical Indian woman is an ideal lady for marriage.

The Final Thoughts

Looking for a great wife candidate? Time to meet Indian brides online. Get your site, register, and start dating a person of your interest and preference. Your destined one is just close to you. 

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