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Greek Brides in 2022: Effective Tips To Seduce Greek Afroditas

Greece is one of the most exotic countries in the Mediterranean region. Its tasty and abundant cuisine, popular architectural sites, and impressive history charm people from all over the world. But the more interesting thing that Greece has to offer is its people: kind, lively, and charismatic. Local women are some of the most passionate and attractive in the region, so why not try to meet them? In this guide, you will find out all the distinctive features of Greek mail order brides and how to win their attention.

Greek Brides in 2022: Effective Tips To Seduce Greek Afroditas
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Advertiser Disclosure

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Sophie, 30

Sophie, 30

Location: Megara, Greece

Occupation: Barista

Children: No

About me: Now I’m pursuing my Master’s degree and working part-time as a barista. I love watching movies and eating tacos on Friday evenings, so if you love the same ways to spend your time, let’s chat.

Ida, 25

Ida, 25

Location: Chalcis, Greece

Occupation: Clerk

Children: No

About me: My job is exhausting so I want to find a partner to spend productive and pleasant nights and weekends with. I love eating pasta, swimming, and riding a car at night. Text me if you enjoy road trips.

Aretha, 27

Aretha, 27

Location: Athens, Greece

Occupation: Restaurant Chef

Children: No

About me: Cooking is my passion, and one of my secret dreams is to cook for my loved ones. I want to find a boyfriend who will taste the most delicious dishes I cook and watch Netflix with me.

Ella, 33

Ella, 33

Location: Patras, Greece

Occupation: SMM Manager

Children: Yes

About me: My job is connected with traveling and remote work, so I’d like to find a partner from any European country. Everything that matters is your features: the sense of humor and the ability to take on responsibility.

Calista, 21

Calista, 21

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Occupation: English Tutor

Children: No

About me: Finding a soulmate is not easy nowadays, but I’m here to try my luck: I look for a funny and easy-going guy to ride a roller-coaster on weekends. My hobbies are planting and boxing.

Maya, 28

Maya, 28

Location: Athens, Greece

Occupation: Cleaner

Children: No

About me: My job is to keep people’s houses tidy and clean, and I love what I do. My hobbies are collecting elephant statuettes and jogging before work. Feel free to join me tomorrow morning!

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Meeting Greek brides has never been easier: read our guide to know how

Greek Brides: Who Are They? 

Loving wives

If we were to describe Greek girls for marriage in two words, this would be the first thing we’d say: they are potentially perfect wives. This is because they are loving, supportive, and thoughtful when it comes to family life and interacting with their husbands. Greek brides rarely argue with their partners or act opposite to what their men say. It is not because of obedience, but due to the understanding that their men know how to make the best decision for the good of the couple. 

Caring mothers

Another thing we cannot forget to mention is that Greek women for marriage love children a lot. The whole Greek culture is about children: they are loved and welcomed everywhere they go in this country, and local people perceive them as the best thing in life. Therefore, getting a Greek wife is the best choice you can make if you are looking for a wife and mother to your kids. 

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Good housekeepers

The third distinctive feature of Greek women is that they know how to keep their houses tidy and light; however, they are not similar to Slavic ladies who clean up the house for a few hours to make it look ideal. Greek wives do their household duties with ease and don’t try to make it perfect since they think that there are many more things they can spend their time on instead of cleaning. 

Sexy Greek Girl

Greek Wedding Traditions

Choosing the right wedding date

The first wedding tradition of Greeks goes back to the moment when the couple is just planning their wedding: they chose the right date for that. According to Greek Orthodox tradition, there are some good days for getting married and periods when weddings are not advised to be carried out. The most favorable wedding months are January and June, while the unfavorable periods include forty days before Easter, the first two weeks of August, the 29th of August, the 14th of September, and forty days before Christmas. This is because major religious events take place these days, and marriages are not celebrated then.

Making up the marital bed

The second tradition that many Greek people adore is making up the bed in the home of a future married couple. The closest relatives come to the couple’s place to stuff their bed with rice and money to make the life of a future family happy and abundant. After that, they put a baby on the bed to grant fertility to a bride and a groom. 

Getting the couple dressed

The third tradition is carried out by the maid of honor and the best man. Each of them arrives at the houses of a bride and a groom respectively to help them shave (in case of a groom) and put the makeup on (in case of a bride). After that, they help them get dressed up for the wedding. Later, when the couple has kids, a maid of honor and the best man become the godparents to a newborn baby. 

Blessing the rings

This custom is carried out in church when the couple comes for a wedding ceremony. The priest takes the rings, puts them on the groom’s and bride’s fingertips, and then exchanges the rings three times to bless them. After that, the priest puts them on a bride’s and groom’s fingers to wear. 

Greek Women Characteristics

Greek women are emotional but also stable

This is one of the Greek girls characteristics that are worth emphasizing first: these ladies are emotional but they can manage them when needed. Therefore, you will not face altercations at home after a long and tough working day: instead, you will see a wife who has been waiting for you all day, cooked a meal for you, and has some wine to drink together. What else can a man wish for? 

They are reliable 

Another trait of a Greek bride that many men admire is reliability. A Greek wife keeps her promises and expects the same from her partner. Besides this, she values transparency in relationships, where everything is clear and nothing is hidden from her. If you are ready for such a trust level, a Greek wife is a perfect option for you.

They are beautiful

The outer beauty of Greek women is undeniable: they are extremely hot. Everything in their looks confirms that they love and care for themselves a lot. Their skin is smooth and tanned, their hair is glossy and thick, and their bodies are fit and strong. This is due to the healthy lifestyle, abundant diet, balanced water intake, and reasonable face-care rituals. The Greek mail order brides outfits are chosen to emphasize their natural beauty: they are usually bright and made of natural fabrics. Makeup and heels are rarely worn in Greece; yet you can say that Greek women are sexy and attractive without them. 

They are brave

Greek women have not only strong bodies but also a strong character. Their spirit is quite patient and unbreakable, so dating such a partner is a blessing to those who want to have a reliable partner. Greek wives are not afraid to face some problems in life, so you will not regret tieing the knot with one of them. 

They are feminine

Despite their inner strength, Greek girls are very tender and feminine. They understand the power of the women’s wisdom and tricks to make other people agree with them and accept their point of view. At the same time, they never manipulate people openly, so their friends, colleagues, and relatives cannot even notice when Greek brides try to outpace them.

They are active

The last but not least feature to mention is the Greek ladies’ activeness when it comes to lifestyle. Greek women rarely spend their weekends laying in bed with a TV series on: they prefer long beach walks, shopping, playing games on the beach, or gardening. If you don’t like to sit still for a long time too, you’ll have a lot in common with a Greek mail order bride.

What Makes a Greek Woman the Best Wife? 

A Greek girl is not afraid of family duties

From a young age, every Greek girl knows that she has to carry out certain duties in the place she lives in: cooking, cleaning, ironing clothes, watering flowers, gardening, etc.; however, she does not see it as something complex since she is used to doing it with older women in her family. Being engaged in household activities since childhood, a Greek bride grows up and continues to carry them out naturally without additional motivation. Therefore, such a girl is ready for family life right after finishing education unless she wants to pursue a certain career first. 

She is loyal

Every Greek bride loves her boyfriend to the extent that she does not let any other man flirt with her, date her, etc. Loyalty in a relationship is one of the most important values for a Greek girl, so she will try her best to show that her husband is the one and only for her. Besides this, she wants her partner to be loyal too and perceive their family as an unbreakable fortress in this rapidly changing world. 

She is relaxed

Finally, every Greek wife is a laid-back person who does not stress out much. Greek women know how to manage their time, relationships, and work to stay happy and calm. They also find time to meet with their old friends and family, do their hobbies, and self-care routine. Everything they do is aimed at becoming a better person tomorrow, so Greek brides achieve this goal steadily and slowly. 

Where to Meet Greek Mail Order Brides?


When it comes to meeting Greek women, the first option that comes to mind is traveling to Greece and dating local girls on the spot. Offline acquaintances have their pros and cons to consider: first, you see a woman you’d like to meet with your eyes. Second, you can ask her immediately for a date or her Instagram nickname, or just start a conversation and understand whether she likes you or not. But the cons outweigh offline attempts to meet Greek women since you need to find time and money to travel to Greece, think about your tourist route in advance, etc. After all, a woman you like may not speak English well, and you won’t get a chance to make her like you. Therefore, we advise you to concentrate on online dating before coming to Greece to find a woman for marriage. 


Online dating gives you plenty of chances to meet the Greek woman of your dreams without fear of rejection or infidelity. This is due to the large women’s audience presented on Greek dating websites or Tinder and the desire of the registered women to find a partner from overseas. Also, dating Greek mail order brides online is possible even on the go: all you need to do is just download a mobile app for dating and start meeting ladies. Finally, online dating is much cheaper than going out with women a few times per week, and it still has a real-time effect as you can chat with them via video and voice calls. After all, you can meet a woman you like online and then come to Greece to get to know each other better instead of traveling to the country with no clear purpose in mind. 

Greek Woman

Why Do Foreign Men Want To Date Or Marry Brides From Greece?

Greek brides are positive

The first reason for foreign men’s desire to tie the knot with Greek girls for marriage is the positive vibe of the latter. Greek women are not used to a depressive mood and they always keep their thoughts positive despite the problems they may go through. With that in mind, many Western men have chosen Greek girls to get married to have a positive atmosphere at home every day and feel that their women are their support and love. 

They are smart

Greek women are some of the most intelligent ladies in the region due to their serious attitude towards education. The rich Greek history and culture also contribute to the high intellect and self-development of Greek wives. They learn to speak a couple of languages from a young age, work to become better experts in their fields of expertise, and do not set easy goals. Everything they do is aimed at making them better, smarter, and stronger women. 

Awesome Greek Bride

They appreciate their partners

Greek brides love their men a lot and consider them to be the source of their calmness, happiness, and support. That’s why they are ready to give all their love and loyalty to their partners and appreciate everything done for them, be it a flower bouquet, a date night, a meaningful gift, etc. 


Now that you know everything about Greek brides to conquer them, we encourage you to take action and start your search for a partner. Sign up for a free account on a Greek dating site, fill out your profile, and start meeting Greek women. Don’t hesitate to be the first to initiate contact, and you’ll find your love soon!

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