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Filipino Brides: Why Do Foreign Men Want to Meet Them?

The Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia which is located on more than seven thousand islands of the Malay Archipelago featuring an increased activity of volcanoes. The Philippines is one of the most Europeanized countries in Asia with a predominantly Christian population. Also, this is the third-largest English-speaking country on our planet. This fantastic land attracts foreigners with its natural beaches, wonderful climate, exclusive opportunities for diving, and recreation for all tastes. The real pride of this country is Filipino brides, whose exotic beauty can strike any man.

Filipino Brides: Why Do Foreign Men Want to Meet Them?
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Filipino Brides: Who Are They?

The girls of this country feature such a natural and pleasant appearance, given to them by nature, that no additional efforts are needed. Filipino girls use very little makeup and wear simple clothes. Swarthy by nature, they do not tend to sunbathe on the beaches. They very rarely go swimming in the sea and appear on the shore mostly at sunset. Also, they strive to have an aristocratic paleness and apply masks of lime and papaya and use whitening creams for that.

Filipino brides are so attractive that men from different countries come to admire them. Like most Asian women, Filipino women and girls are small in stature. Their fragile and graceful figures are their pride. The facial features of these beauties include an Asian cut of the eyes, a small and neat nose, raven-dark shiny hair, a gorgeous smile, and snow-white teeth. The slender legs of sexy Filipina brides can drive men crazy. Filipino beauties have a fortunate mix of blood. Among them, you can find girls who are similar to hot Spanish ladies, passionate African women, and miniature Chinese females.

Filipino Wedding Traditions

There are a lot of wedding traditions in the Philippine Islands. The wedding customs of this country have been influenced by Christian and Muslim religions, as well as many Asian cultures. These traditions are also observed in Filipino communities around the world. As soon as the bride consents to the marriage, the engagement is announced. On the same day, the groom has to go to the bride’s house and do housework. He must fulfill all the instructions not only of the bride but also of her parents. This kind of trial can last a whole week. When the groom passes it with dignity, the wedding day is appointed.

On a set day, the groom must be the first to arrive at the church and wait for his bride at the altar. Before entering into a legal marriage, a young couple has to plant a tree. The main wedding ceremony takes place at the altar. The bride and groom exchange rings in the church. It is believed that when a wedding ring falls, it is a bad sign. The bride should decorate the shoulders of her beloved with decorative laces, which are symbols of fidelity. The groom gives the bride several gold coins as a sign that he promises to make her happy and wealthy.

Among the guests, special assistants are chosen — the keepers of candles and the bride’s veil. At the right time, candle keepers have to light two candles, which symbolize the union of two hearts. The keepers of the veil should wrap the bride’s and groom’s shoulders with a special snow-white cloth, which means family unity. After the wedding ceremony, Filipino newlyweds traditionally release two pigeons as the image of the couple’s harmonious life together. Also, this is a kind of demonstration of how newlyweds love each other.

The rain on the wedding day is considered a good omen. The young are showered with rice and this should bring wealth and profit into their lives. Wedding outfits of young people are usually national costumes. The man wears dark trousers and a light shirt. The bride is dressed in bright colors. Black wedding dresses are also suitable for Filipino brides. The relatives of the young people dress up in the same clothes, the color of which is discussed in advance. On the eve of the wedding, the bride should not try on a wedding dress. She also should not wear pearl jewelry, as this is considered a very bad form.

Sexy Filipina

Guests are not invited to the wedding. Anyone who wishes to congratulate the young can come without an invitation. Even if a curious passer-by takes a look at the festivity, he will be greeted as a welcome guest. Therefore, a huge number of guests usually come to Philippine weddings. Money in the form of paper bills is often attached to the bride’s dress during the first dance with the groom. Presenting cutting and sharp objects is not customary. Great attention is paid to the festive table and the abundance of various dishes on it. 

Divorces are a very rare occurrence in the Philippines. Hence, a wedding happens once in a lifetime and it is celebrated so that there is something to remember. Often, young spouses cannot stay alone and have intimacy after the wedding. If the bride and groom conceive a child in a state of alcoholic intoxication after their wedding, it might be born with abnormalities. Therefore, relatives strictly monitor that the bride and groom do not have sexual contact immediately after the wedding celebration.

Filipino Women Characteristics

Grown-up in a country with a warm climate and ancient culture, Filipina brides know how to get along with people of all ages and nationalities. These oriental women are famous for their ability to work hard and to be attentive to the needs of other people and especially their loved ones. In this country, it is believed that a man has to become the most important person in a woman’s life. An obedient Filipino wife will look into her husband’s eyes, humbly love him, and maintain the family hearth with special care.

The role of women in the Philippines is explained in the context of the country’s culture, norms, and mentality. Filipino women have achieved more rights for themselves compared to other countries. Strong Filipina women, directly and indirectly, rule their families, businesses, government offices, and haciendas. Therefore, Filipino females are well respected by local men. However, men have to woo beautiful Filipina brides and prove their love for them before winning their hearts. When two young people get married, they lead an ordinary life according to standards of the Western culture.

What Makes a Filipina Woman the Best Wife?

Today, many European and American men dream of marrying hot Filipina brides. It is also an interesting fact that local girls are also willing to get married to foreigners. At the same time, these ladies are not afraid of either the grooms’ financial problems or their age. In the Philippines, you can see many couples where young Filipina brides are with elderly European or American men. The traditional upbringing of Filipino brides attracts foreign men the most. 

Non-conflict and obedient Filipino girls are a real treasure for family relationships. Many of these girls do not have a complete education, and this fact does not allow them to be superior to their men in any issue and even more — to argue with them. Such a woman can well become an ideal wife who will admire her husband and follow his desires unquestioningly. Thus, what are the secrets of Filipino brides that make them so desirable for most foreign men?

1. Filipina Brides Are Family-Oriented

They are taught from an early age that family is a priority. In the Philippines, family means everything for every person. Hence, Filipino girls are ready to devote all their lives to their families and every family member’s wellbeing. Filipino wives enjoy household chores and never complain of fatigue or lack of gratitude. They love their children very much and are happy to raise them. Also, married women in this country very rarely seek a male company outside their families.

2. Filipina Girls Are Flexible and Easily Adaptable

The Philippines is a developing country. Filipinos are used to overcoming various difficulties and hardships of life. Whether raised in the countryside or the city, Filipino brides can adapt to any other environment. At the same time, Filipino women are compassionate and compliant in the sense that they are considerate and helpful. In addition, they can perfectly adapt to life in another country when their husbands offer them to relocate.

3. Filipino Brides Are Full of Love

Filipino girls are very lovable people. Many men are looking for women who are ready to make love anytime and anywhere. Over time, when passions are decreasing, these women can invent various tricks to refresh and diversify their sex life. Besides, most Filipino brides are not jealous. They will not spy on their husbands, shuffle in their pockets, and check their smartphones.

Some Facts about Filipina Mail Order Brides

The national language of Filipino women is Filipino, the language based on Tagalog, which belongs to the Austronesian family of languages. Also, there are at least one or two dialects spoken in each region of the country. English is understood and spoken across the country, particularly in the business sphere. Cantonese and Mandarin versions are also spoken by older members of the Filipino-Chinese community.

Filipino brides are well educated. The Philippines can be considered as one of the most advanced Asian countries in terms of academic and professional training. Secondary and college education has always been of great importance for young Filipino brides. They believe this is a prerequisite in finding a good-paying job and a better chance of succeeding in life. Also, more Filipino women (about 25%) complete college compared to local men (about 20%).

Filipino brides are religious. More than 82% of the country’s population is Roman Catholics. As this is a predominantly Christian nation, all religious holidays are widely celebrated in this country. It is usual for Philippine families to raise their children based on Christian values. Hence, most Filipino brides for marriage are dreaming of a grand church wedding. Some parents can even forbid their daughters to get married without a Christian rite.

Cute Filipino Girl

Where to Meet Filipino Mail Order Brides?

If you want to meet many Filipino brides in person, visit this country in May. Fun and colorful festivities are unforgettable events during which you can see thousands of local beauties in bright national outfits. Many single men from other countries come here precisely to meet local girlfriends, have fun with them, and possibly start to live together. As a rule, these gentlemen find young Filipino brides, usually without a good education, and start assisting them financially. Men pay for their education and help support girls’ parents. In return, men receive sincere respect, love, and care.

Other men who have specific requirements for Filipina mail order brides in terms of appearance and education, use dating websites and apps. Unlike some other Asian countries, the Philippines can boast of a big number of legit sites where single men can meet many Filipina brides online and start relationships leading to marriages. On such online platforms as DateInAsia, FilipinoCupid, AsianDating, FilipinoFriendsDate, PinaLove, and many other resources many attractive Filipino mail order brides are looking for meeting men from other countries. 

Why Do Foreign Men Want To Date Or Marry Brides From Philippines?

The Philippines is a popular tourist destination. This is a country with rich traditions, delicious food, and beautiful women. A large number of single men come here to meet gorgeous girls. Filipino women are also eager to get acquainted with American and European men for both short and long relationships. Most men who live with Filipino brides lead happy and harmonious lives. Thus, many Western men want to marry mail order Filipino brides for creating stable, loving, and long-lasting relationships.


Beautiful Filipino girls have traditional feminine qualities. Mail order brides from Philipines are kind, shy, and patient. They can sacrifice personal interests for their families and regard their husbands as unquestioning authorities. Filipino brides for sale are not afraid to be playful and flirty. At the same time, you cannot treat them only as weak and complaisant persons. In fact, Filipino brides are strong, wise, and determined. The combination of charming looks and strong moral character makes them such desirable partners for Western men.

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