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Dutch Brides: Why Should You Marry One?

What things do you imagine when you think of the Netherlands? You may picture vast tulip fields alongside windmills, water canals, cozy coffee shops, and the old town. The truth is, you can get all this once you visit this country. But you will get accustomed to these beautiful sceneries eventually. That’s why many guys go to the Netherlands to date gorgeous Dutch brides. How to meet Dutch women? Can they make you a happy husband? This time, you will get all the answers. So, keep reading to learn what Dutch brides are and why they become some of the best wives.

Dutch Brides: Why Should You Marry One?
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Advertiser Disclosure

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Ilse, 20

Ilse, 20

Location: Groningen, Netherlands

Occupation: Paramedic

Children: No

About me: Fancy spending time in the countryside enjoying nature. It’s good to spend some time where the ado of the modern world doesn’t pursue you all the time. Nature is a good companion but not enough for me. This is why I am here.

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Annelies, 25

Annelies, 25

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Occupation: Cosmetician

Children: No

About me: I love making people look good. I believe that people can look better to impress others, but it’s also about being content about their looks. Do you believe that appearance matters in a relationship?

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Marit, 26

Marit, 26

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Occupation: Office Secretary

Children: No

About me: Interested in art. I never miss my chance to visit great museums nearby. Alas, I don’t have someone to discuss interesting things I find in these museums. Looking for someone who shares my enthusiasm for art, culture, and history.

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Famke, 27

Famke, 27

Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands

Occupation: Nursery School Teacher

Children: No

About me: I’ve been surrounded by kids for quite a long time. Now, I am thinking of having my own kids. Perhaps, I need to find someone who’s planning kids as well. What can be better than a cute child?

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Dael, 26

Dael, 26

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

Occupation: Fashion Designer

Children: No

About me: I am keen on spending romantic evenings with someone I can trust. This is what makes me register online. I am sure I can find my single-minded cavalier to join me. By the way, I have a perfect bottle of wine to make the evening even more romantic.

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Noa, 30

Noa, 30

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Occupation: Fitness Instructor

Children: Yes

About me: I am crazy about the sea. Thus, I can’t resist taking boat tours whenever I have time. I can talk a lot about everything related to the sea and the great ocean liner the Grande Dame, which I am proud of as everyone in my city.

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👰 Best Website For Finding Brides From Netherlands BravoDate
💍 Average Age of Marriage for Dutch Women 30.9
💵 Average Cost of Dutch Bride $1,000 – $5,502
🏆 Success Rate 91

Dutch Brides: Who Are They?

Every country has some girls and guys who search for international marriages for some reason. The Netherlands is no exception – over 24,000 Dutch marriages involved foreign partners in 2019. 

Most guys call foreign brides for marriage just X brides when X means nationality. The same goes for Dutch brides – these are Dutch girls who seek a foreign partner.

Dutch Wedding Traditions

The Dutch are progressive regarding wedding traditions – most locals marry later in their lives after establishing a decent career. But some beautiful Dutch wedding traditions never change. Check them out below.

beauty of dutch bride

Civil Marriage Comes First

In the Netherlands, you have to do the necessary paperwork first. Once you get the records in your passport, you can prepare for the exciting part – the actual wedding ceremony and the following parties.

Best European women profiles

Sofia, 33

Sofia, 33

Craiova, Romania


Agnes, 29

Agnes, 29

Stockholm, Sweden


Amelia, 28

Amelia, 28

Galway, Ireland


Roisin, 29

Roisin, 29

Dublin, Ireland


Estela, 28

Estela, 28

Braga, Portugal


Helena, 30

Helena, 30

Porto, Portugal


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Traditional Wedding Attire

While Mexicans and Indians prefer colorful embroidered wedding attire, the Dutch opt for white wedding dresses and black tuxedos.

The Wedding Box

The wedding ceremony is one of the happiest days of your life. But as years pass by, your relationship may struggle. The Dutch invented a beautiful way to remind themselves why they loved each other. It is a wedding box.

A couple writes each other love letters sharing their feelings about their union. They put the letters into a wooden box with a wine bottle and seal it. They can open the box when hard times kick in to recall their feelings and cheer up each other.

Characteristics of Gorgeous Dutch Women

Check what an average Dutch bride looks like and what personality traits she has below.


This is how many guys imagine Dutch girls:

  • Slim hourglass figures.
  • Blue eyes.
  • Blonde hair.
  • Straight noses.
  • Beautiful smiles.
  • Fair skin.

cute dutch girl

Luckily, these features apply to most Dutch girls. Since the Dutch demographics comprise other nationalities, you may find beautiful Asian-European girls. Additionally, Dutch girls are obsessed with healthy diets and beauty treatments. Given that, they keep themselves well-groomed 24/7.


Dutch people are famous for their straightforward nature. That is, most women from the Netherlands won’t bother dating games like “Oh! I said no, but you have to insist!” Nine times out of ten, you won’t face such issues. Instead, your Dutch girl will mean yes by saying yes and vice versa. Sometimes accepting the bitter truth is challenging, but it’s much better than getting anxiety attacks due to uncertainty.

You will gain the following benefits due to the straightforward nature of your Dutch bride:

  • You will keep your nervous system intact because your woman won’t wreck your soul strings with mindless games.
  • You will save plenty of time since you will know whether your relationship will lead to something or not from the beginning.
  • Your woman will always speak from her heart.

Proficient in English

The Netherlands is ahead of the pack regarding English proficiency. It’s number one among 112 countries in the region, and over 90% of Dutch people speak English as their second or first language.

As a result, you can comfortably approach any Dutch girl. You will be on the same page from the start, as no language barrier will stand in between.


If you let people divorce whenever they want – you will see the divorce rate skyrocket. The Netherlands has the loosest divorce laws. You don’t have to provide a specific reason for breaking up or meet separation requirements.

Still, the Netherlands is far away from the top divorce listings (unlike Luxembourg).

The Dutch live in healthy families due to loyalty and commitment. Most of them have freedom of thought and decision regarding marriage. Consequently, most people decide to unite at their discretion, thoughtfully. Many couples marry after a couple of years living together.

As a result, they have enough time to go through the courtship period and develop true, unconditional love.

Top Four Facts About Dutch Women

Check five facts about Dutch girls to learn their soul better.

Dutch Women Love Repairmen

A Dutch girl will instantly get a crush on you if you fix leaky tapes and install sockets yourself instead of calling plumbers or electricians.

Most Dutch women prefer their husbands to do the “manly” house chores. Besides, your woman won’t overthink your finances since people in the Netherlands earn decent money. It has never been the priority for Dutch girls. All you need to do is be a good guy.

Dutch Girls Are Happy

The Netherlands is the fifth-happiest nation in the world. The locals receive high-end healthcare, earn $56,000 annually, enjoy social benefits, etc. That’s why the Netherlands will become your number one destination to date cheerful girls who irradiate happiness and enjoy life.

Dutch Brides Love Sports

The Netherlands stands among the top European nations regarding physical activity. Half of Dutch people play some sports at least once a week, and many local girls do fitness and keep themselves in good shape. 

You won’t meet that many unhealthily overweight people across the Dutch streets. Instead, you will choose between fitness girls and curvy ladies, which is fantastic for a fruitful dating hunt. In contrast, over 70% of Americans have weight problems, including obesity.

They Love Cheese

Millions of people struggle with lactose intolerance, but the Dutch ditched this issue. The Netherlands has one of the lowest rates of lactose intolerance among European nations.

So you will have a high chance to meet a cheese lover. The Dutch consume 47 pounds of cheese yearly – they’re a cheese nation!

What Makes a Dutch Woman the Best Wife?

A healthy family is all about mutual respect and cooperation for the sake of your union. On the other side, Dutch families are happier than American ones overall. Here is why:

Better Work-Life Balance

Over 70% of Dutch women work part-time. It means they don’t get drained dry and come back home like zombies. As a result, they have better overall life satisfaction. In its turn, their happiness reduces pain points at home. Insignificant things won’t irritate your wife, and she will have enough energy for love-making and everything else.

Unique Parenting Approach

Dutch parents let their kids be kids. There are much fewer taboos for children overall. Surprisingly, it doesn’t harm children. Instead, the Netherlands has one of the lowest rates of child alcohol consumption and adolescent pregnancy.

The Dutch teachers also never emphasize GPA as much as their American colleagues. As a result, the Dutch kids grow in a much healthier environment with minimal bullying and other school issues. Plus, you don’t have to overthink far-fetched explanations about where children come from – school sex education does the trick for you.

It will make you a much happier father and husband overall. Here is how it works:

  • Your wife lets your kids play unsupervised.
  • The kids can enjoy their time and do what they want.
  • They don’t protest against you. Neither you nor your wife has to deal with such stress.
  • Your wife is happy because she has more time for herself.
  • You feel uplifting vibes because you can spend more time on yourself.
  • Your family is happy because everyone enjoys freedom and dedicates more time to their hobbies.

Dutch Women Take a Liberal Approach to Domestic Chores

You may have heard that Dutch mail order brides don’t cook for their men or never work at all. But most of such ladies struggle to maintain a long-lasting relationship and end up raising kids from different dads alone.

The most precious thing about Dutch families is that spouses divide domestic chores based on their skills and preferences. 

If you can resurrect a dead TV, but you have no idea what density dough should have to make a tasty pie, better delegate cooking to your wife. If she calms a baby in a minute, she will better handle babysitting too.

But if she’s terrible at cooking, while you can compete with Gordon Ramsey, you will be the one to craft delicious meals instead. You have to note that you should provide your family with something more than figures in your bank account. You have to contribute time and energy as well. The same goes for your wife, and she will do the same with pleasure.

If you think it’s worse than laying on the sofa after work and making your wife sweat over the oven, you may want to reconsider your vision.

Many studies link depression, anxiety, and cardiovascular diseases with unequal distribution of household chores. In contrast, the happiest couples are those who do an equal amount of housework.

Where to Meet Dutch Mail Order Brides?

The Netherlands attracted over 46 million international tourists in 2019. It’s easy to grab your bags and go to Holland since it allows visa-free entry for Americans.

If you dream of dating Dutch women, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague will become your top-priority spots.

How Much Does a Journey to Holland Cost?

The Netherlands is one of the shiniest first-world countries with high living standards. Still, it’s quite an expensive country. Locals live at around $70 per day, while travelers spend $1,200 on 3-day trips on average.

Since a dating game requires much more time, you can meet Dutch women in a budget-friendly setting we will talk about below.

perfect dutch woman

Online Dating Is Trending

These days, many adults and even the elderly choose online dating for a good reason.

First and foremost, online dating is more successful in general. Once you register a dating profile, you get exposed to thousands of single mail order Dutch brides who search for relationships. 

Additionally, you can select from thousands of women and adjust search filters to find the girl of your dreams. 

It’s much easier and less stressful than throwing pickup lines at women passing by on the streets or in a nightclub. 

Furthermore, online dating can save you thousands of dollars. You don’t have to pay anything remotely comparable to an international trip. The most money you will pay is $20-$30 per month for a dating website subscription.

It is roughly 40 times cheaper than a 3-day trip to the Netherlands.

Lastly, online dating saves you a lot of time as you can find a partner in hours. On the contrary, traditional dating games may take several unproductive weeks.

Why Do Foreign Men Want to Date or Marry Brides From the Netherlands?

Foreign men want to date and marry Dutch brides for a few simple reasons:

  • There are a few gold diggers among Dutch brides. These girls rely on their careers when it comes to finances. That’s why they value personal qualities in the first place.
  • The Netherlands attracts millions of tourists, so there is hype around Dutch girls.
  • Dutch brides have plenty of time for their husbands and self-care routines. The Dutch families don’t suffer from mundane routines as much as American ones. As a result, spouses have fewer reasons to argue with each other.

Final Thoughts

If you want to date and marry a beautiful, mature, self-respecting, educated, and loyal lady, go for Dutch women for marriage without hesitation.

The Netherlands will become a perfect place to settle down, marry a gorgeous girl, raise children together, and enjoy a prosperous life you have always dreamt about.

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