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Czech Republic: Travel Guide

Whether you want to find yourself a Czech wife and now want to visit the country for the first time, or you simply heard a lot about the Czech Republic’s appeal to tourist and want to try it yourself, here are 5 must-know travel tips for visiting this marvelous country:

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  1. Research the attractions beforehand. The number one city in the Czech Republic is obviously Prague, but it can be challenging to navigate for tourists. Study the map beforehand and remember that there is no need to leave the Prague 1 area.
  2. Be careful with alcohol. The Czech Republic is one of the best European countries for alcohol fans, but there are some local drinks that are way heavier than you expect and can lead to unexpected results.
  3. Play by their rules. The Czech Republic is a fairly democratic and free-spirited country, but it also has some laws and requirements you should follow. For example, public displays of affection are frowned upon by Czechs.
  4. Brush up on your knowledge of Czech. Many younger people in the Czech Republic are fluent in English, especially in the hospitality industry, but you can run into a language barrier with older Czech people you meet.
  5. Time your visit right. The Czech Republic truly shines in early autumn, spring, and early summer. After that, it can get too hot to walk outside for hours, and winter Prague is amazing but overcrowded with tourists.

Things You Should Know Before Dating A Czech Woman

Dating Czech women for marriage is the best way for you both to get to know each other and pave a way to a happy marriage. Here are 5 life-saving tips for dating a Czech bride:

  • Don’t emphasize your foreign status. It may make you more attractive to some Czech girls, but they can easily be put off by arrogance.
  • Casual date ideas work best. If you can’t stand fancy restaurants, you can rejoice, because Czech brides actually prefer simple date ideas such as parks.
  • Let her know you care about her. Czech girls love caring men, and even something as easy as making sure she gets home safely can work to your advantage.
  • Don’t forget the flowers. Czech brides are rather indifferent towards expensive presents, but they definitely enjoy getting beautiful bouquets of flowers from their suitors.
  • Follow her lead. Czech mail order brides are not created equal, so while one woman will only kiss you after the fifth date, the other one can take you home after the first one.

Czech Brides From Different Regions Have Different Personality Traits

Traditionally, the Czech Republic is divided into three regions: Moravia, Bohemia, and Silesia. Generally, the Czech Republic is a very concise country with a clear national identity, but the three regions have a different history, culture, and relationships with their neighbors. In turn, this leads to the differences in their mindset, especially the mindsets of Czech women for marriage. Here is what you can expect from women from different Czech regions.


Moravia occupies the eastern part of the country. It is an industrial region, which is why the women there are hard-working and ambitious. They know exactly what they want and they tend to get married and start families younger than other Czech women. Here you will mostly find women with a real job and good career prospects, so you are unlikely to be the sole breadwinner in the family. These women may be harder to impress, but they are exceptionally loyal.


Bohemia is the largest region in the Czech Republic and it’s also home to the country’s capital, Prague. It’s an area with a rich history. Its closeness to Germany made an influence on the personality of Bohemian girls. They are typically very interested in Western life and out of all Czech mail order brides, you will probably find Bohemian girls to be the largest group. These women are also interested in art, history, traveling, and everything else that makes life more exciting.


Silesia is a tiny region in Czech Republic, but it’s nonetheless very significant. It’s actually part of a bigger region also called Silesia, and its bigger part is located in Poland. Silesian girls have a lot in common with their Polish counterparts. They are not particularly interested in material wealth or career accomplishments. They want a nice, comfortable life for their family at home. They don’t demand anything unusual from their partners and they are often perfectly happy with the role of a housewife.

Czech Women For Marriage: 5 Of Their Best Features

If you’ve never met a Czech woman before, the idea of going all the way to the Czech Republic to find yourself a bride can seem like it’s too much effort. However, Czech mail order wives have so many advantages that once you experience some of them in person, you will never be able to imagine life without a Czech wife ever again. Here are the five biggest reasons why you should consider Czech women for marriage.

They are super pretty

The Czech Republic is a country in Central Europe, which is why you probably won’t be surprised that Czech brides share a lot of their appearance features with their closest neighbors. Like Polish women, Czech girls have light-brown or blonde hair and beautiful smiley faces. Like German beauties, Czech women have tall, lean bodies with subtle curves. Czech brides are not the kind of women to put on tons of makeup or seductive clothes, so what you see is always what you get and there won’t be any unpleasant surprises when you wake up to a completely different face than the one you saw in the evening.

You can talk to them for hours

Czech mail order wives are intelligent, well-read, and excellent listeners. These qualities make them the most perfect conversation partners you could ever dream of. They are smart and witty, so you’ll want to remember every little thing your Czech bride has ever said to you. On top of that, Czech girls are genuinely interested in hearing what you have to say. They listen to you every word, react to your ideas, and generally make you feel like your opinions matter and your jokes are the funniest things she’s ever heard.

They can let go and have fun

A Czech woman can look very prim and proper after you’ve just met her, but once you two get to know each other, you will start discovering new layers of the personality of your Czech mail order bride. These girls can definitely have fun, but they are waiting for the right person to do it with. Whether you want to go to a night club and dance all night, take part in a beer drinking contest just for the two of you, or simply spend a quiet night at home over a Netflix movie, you can do all those things with a Czech mail order wife.

They are wonderful homemakers

Most of the Czech women you meet have career aspirations and don’t want to be relegated to the role of a housewife. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that Czech girls are also outstanding homemakers. They have a unique ability to keep the house clean and tastefully decorated without spending hours on tidying up every day. And you may have tasted good food in the past, but nothing can prepare you for a delicious, comforting homemade dinner prepared exclusively for you by your Czech wife.

They are absolutely loyal

Czech women are not in a rush to get married, unlike many other European women. Instead, they prefer to take things slow and get to know their partner before tying the knot. That is why they are completely confident about their choice of a husband and they won’t suddenly change their mind after being married for some time. You will never have to worry about your Czech wife’s fidelity, and that is exactly why marriage to a Czech woman is so fulfilling and satisfying.

Czech Wedding Traditions

The Czech Republic is a fascinating country with a lot of traditions you will love exploring. Many of the country’s customs are linked to the marriage ceremony and everything that comes before and after it. We have no doubt that you will learn everything you need to know about weddings in the Czech Republic while you are getting ready for your own ceremony with a Czech bride, but while that is still a few months or years away, here are some of the most fun and memorable Czech wedding traditions to get you started:

  • A traditional wedding ceremony. Most weddings in the Czech Republic take place in a church, as it’s a rather religious country. And the good thing about it is that it won’t be too different from the church weddings you may have attended in your own country. The father will walk the daughter down the aisle, there will be a flower girl, and everything will be very touching but also very serious.
  • Paying ransom. When the new husband and wife step out of the church to get to the wedding reception, they will be met with an obstacle — a rope with flowers, ribbons, and even empty bottles. The rope is put there by the groom’s friends as a way to test his commitment to family life. The husband’s job is to pay his friends a symbolic ransom and get them to open the rope and let out the newlyweds.
  • Breaking the plate. As soon as the bride and the groom enter the wedding reception venue, someone will break a plate on the floor in front of them. The newlyweds will then need to work together to sweep the pieces of the plate away. This is done for two reasons: to allow the husband and wife to show how well they can collaborate and as a symbol of good luck in marriage.
  • Eating soup and bread. Normally, soup can rarely be seen at a fancy event like a wedding, but the Czech Republic is a different story. At the height of the reception, the bride and the groom will sit together wrapped in a symbolic cloth. They will share a bowl of traditional Czech soup with one spoon and a loaf of bread that they will feed each other. Once again, this tradition shows cooperation between the husband and wife.
  • Kidnapping the bride. When the reception is nearly over, you need to keep a close watch on your new wife. Otherwise, your friends may kidnap you, and then you will need to pay ransom again to retrieve your sweetheart. This is done to test your commitment to your wife and your desire to go to great lengths to be with her. And don’t even get us started on the shame and jokes you will face if you fail to find your bride on time!

Why Are Czech Brides Looking For Foreign Husband?

The Czech Republic may not have the world’s most thriving economy, but this country is generally well-off. With a few exceptions, Czech women have everything they need in their own country, including healthcare, education and career opportunities, and adequate treatment from men. So for Czech mail order brides, marrying a foreign guy is not a matter of survival like it is for many Asian and Latin brides. In fact, Czech Republic brides are perfectly happy with the life they have at home and they need some strong reasons to leave it behind.

That is why the only real reason why Czech girls contemplate marrying foreign guys and moving abroad is that they are incredibly attracted to Western men and their way of living. They consider Western guys to be more ambitious, successful, confident, modern, and caring than local men. They would do anything just to get one of those charming Western men by their side, and if that involves moving to a different country, they are prepared to do it.

Another, albeit smaller reason why Czech women search for foreign husbands is that they are intrigued by life abroad. Don’t get us wrong, they love and appreciate their home country, but they rightfully believe that life can get more interesting, rewarding, and fruitful in a different country. They view the Western world as a land of opportunities, and they are certainly not wrong. If you take a Czech bride to your home country and create a comfortable life for her there, she will be forever grateful to you.

Where Can You Meet Czech Brides?

As a Western man dreaming about your own Czech bride, you have several options:

  1. Travel to the Czech Republic. This can be one of your best travel experiences, but you cannot physically visit every Czech region in one visit. It means that some of the country’s most eligible and beautiful women can be out of your reach. Plus, even though the Czech Republic is cheaper for tourists than many of the world’s most prestigious resorts, even a two-week stay in the country, which is the absolute minimum you need to succeed, can still cost you quite a lot.
  2. Meet Czech woman outside of the Czech Republic. Czech girls are rather well-traveled, which means you can sometimes meet them in your own country or a foreign resort you are both visiting at the same time. However, it might get tricky for several reasons. First, you cannot instantly identify Czech women out of a lineup of girls, and asking them directly can get weird. Two, if you live in a small town or don’t travel too often, your chances of meeting Czech women naturally becomes much lower.
  3. Meet Czech mail order brides online. In this day and age, the most practical and effective way to meet Czech girls is to do it online. However, you can’t just use any dating site or app, since they are not really a good option for international dating. What you need is a mail order bride website. These sites are convenient, secure, and affordable, but most importantly, they have the biggest audience of Czech brides who can’t wait to meet their foreign match.


If you love beautiful, intelligent, confident, loyal, and family-oriented women, you can’t go wrong with one of the fabulous Czech Republic brides. These girls have everything you want to see in a woman. On top of that, they are easily accessible and genuinely interested in meeting foreign guys. In other words, a Czech mail order bride can become the partner you’ve always been looking for. Czech women are perfect for dating and marriage, and the only way to experience their charm is to find your own Czech bride. Do it on one of our recommended mail order bride services and you’ll never look back to your old single days!