Chinese brides are the beauty of East-Asian women that make them desirable for marriage. Chinese bride health, culture and traditions. What’s a mystery behind East-Asian women slower aging than other races? Why Chinese women prefer foreign men?

How To Attract A Girl From China? Short Guide.

The answer to these questions may be hidden in the terminology of Chinese dating sites. The Chinese language has no words for “beauty” or “genius”. But one thing it does have is the character “heng” which means beauty. Some Chinese online dating sites include Chinese characters along with the names of the men they like.

So, what is there to find in Chinese brides than physical beauty? It depends on how you see things. On the traditional Chinese wedding, the marriage between a white man and a native Chinese woman is arranged by parents and relatives. The wedding ceremony is considered sacred and a solemn celebration of love and togetherness. In modern western society, we tend to compare marriage to an engagement, but in Chinese culture a marriage is more than just a romantic event.

Chinese brides marry a man outside of their own culture and even their own country. While many western countries frown on arranged marriages, in china a marriage is completely voluntary. A Chinese bride may choose to marry a foreign man because she believes he can better serve her or fulfill her dreams. Westerners tend to criticize Chinese brides for wanting to foreign or unknown men because we believe that foreign cultures are backward and Chinese girls marrying western men are being culturally inappropriate.

On the other hand, those who wed a Chinese girl might also be doing something different for themselves. They are showing that they value their personal freedom, and they are opting out of the marriage contract. Many Chinese brides today are choosing to marry men from underdeveloped countries. They are not sacrificing their education to get married. On the contrary, many of these western men are able to provide better education for their Chinese brides. The fact is that it is more rewarding to marry a foreign man over a Chinese girl.

Chinese Wedding Invitation

Chinese wedding traditions are different from those of American or European weddings in many ways. One of these ways is the bride’s family has the authority to decide if the marriage should be solemnized or not. For example, if there are children of the bride’s family will decide not to let them be a part of this special day. In this way, the wedding will never be solemnized since no legal obligations exist. Here are some interesting facts about Chinese wedding traditions that you might find interesting.

Registration at the Marriage Bureau Traditionally, marriage registration at the Chinese wedding bureau is the first step in the process of marriage. This is also one of the reasons why you would need to have your name legally changed at this point. The marriage registration at the Chinese wedding bureau is probably the most crucial stage of your life since you are officially married without having the privilege of living together. Traditionally, the marriage ceremony registration at the Chinese wedding bureau is one of the main differences between western weddings and Chinese weddings. In the west, usually the most important aspect of the wedding is when both the bride and groom take their official oaths and sign the marriage certificate to officially become married.

Chinese Wedding Invitation Ceremony Unlike in western countries, in china a Chinese wedding invitation is only given to the immediate family members. It is a customary practice in China to invite foreign friends to the Chinese wedding, which could include tourists or businessmen. These invitations usually come in two different kinds, the one with the bride’s name and the other one without. There are different kinds of Chinese wedding invitation, such as:

Confucian Wedding Traditions In contrast to the western world, in china a person doesn’t have to get married before coming to the meeting place. Instead they go to the meeting place together with their parents accompanied by their friends to get married, this is why the term “we’re just friends” is often used by the young bride in China. They would only get married once they reach the age of 21. Another interesting tradition is that in a Confucian wedding, the groom will present his bride with a set of rice grains as dowry for her quality of character and good upbringing, which was believed to be passed down from generation to generation.

Chinese Divorce Unlike in western countries, in china a divorce can be finalized after the groom gives his wife a generous amount of money as dowry, which was considered an acceptance of marriage by the bride. On the other hand, a divorce in China does not need the presence of a judge, and it won’t take a long time before the couple gets divorced. Most of them prefer to get divorced soon, since the process of getting divorced from marriage is very stressful on them. They believe that if the divorce is finalized before reaching the age of 21, their social reputation will be negatively affected, and they won’t have many opportunities in the future to remarry. Many women opt to get divorced even earlier, especially if they feel that they are not good enough wife material.

After the wife’s parents accept the marriage invitation, the couple’s parents also hold a meeting to discuss the possibility of remarrying their daughter. If the parents of a son agree to remarry, the father of that child must give his wife an equivalent dowry. If the parents of a daughter don’t agree to it, then the father of that child can not give his wife a dowry. On the other hand, if the parents of a son to marry another woman, his son will not need to give his wife a dowry. A Chinese divorce takes a lot of time, so most Chinese men prefer to delay the process until they are older, because when one is too young to get married, having a divorce means he will not be able to find a wife easily.

Why Chinese Women Want To Marry Foreigner Husbands?

One reason that these Chinese brides are turning to internet resources for their marriages is that they have more freedom. If they want to get married, then they can. They are able to view each others profiles and decide if they want to take the relationship further. Many Chinese brides would prefer a more traditional and full life compared to a modern married life in the west. For these types of Chinese brides, internet dating might be the answer. Many men are willing to fulfill her dreams of a foreign life with the right skills and money.

Some Chinese ladies are hesitant to mingle with foreigners because they are afraid that the foreigners will steal their husbands or partners. This is why so many Chinese men are willing to look for Chinese brides online. There are various kinds of Chinese mail order brides available to the western men who want to find a good wife. These women come with all the characteristics that a bride from the Chinese culture should have.


These kinds of Chinese brides usually have fluent English as their first language. If the woman is married to a man who speaks fluent English, then the chances of them getting Western husbands are greatly increased. Most of the Chinese brides who speak English as their native language have already found their husband and children already. These brides want to live in the United States, Canada or Europe and not be forced into marrying their husband overseas. It will cost more to find a Chinese wife online but it is a much safer way to find a spouse or a foreign friend. The internet allows the Chinese to remain hidden and the foreigner will never know that the Chinese bride is living in a different country.