A Step-by-Step Guide to Picking a Wedding Theme

When you plan your wedding, you want it to look amazing, and trust us, it will. But, there are a couple things you need to do before you walk down the aisle. Picking a theme is one of them.

Now, many of us don’t want a theme in the traditional sense. For example, if your wedding is during the winter season, yes, you may have a winter wedding but you don’t need it to look like the North Pole (unless you want it to, of course!)  But you do need an idea of what you want your wedding to look like. Trust us, picking a theme will help you make a lot of difficult choices since everything from your wedding starts with your theme. From invitations, drink selection, decorations - it’s all based on the theme of your wedding, and when it all ties together, the guests will feel like they are coming along for a ride and that your wedding is one to remember. Here’s how you can get there:

#1 // Where will your wedding be?

Where you choose to have your wedding will greatly contribute to the theme of it. You’re not going to have a tropical themed wedding in a Catholic church. Or a country themed wedding on the beach. See what we mean? Choosing the location of the wedding will help you get the taste of how your wedding is going to look and feel. So pick a venue based on what your heart wants, and go from there. Whether you have your wedding at a vineyard, at the beach or in a traditional church, it’ll help set the atmosphere.


#2 // How do you and your partner feel?

There’s no point having a winter wonderland themed wedding if your partner hates the cold. Or a beach themed wedding if you’re not a fan of sand. You see where we’re going with this? You and your partner need to look within at your preferences and at your relationship when figuring out a wedding theme ideas. Try to write down words that you feel define you as a couple. Maybe you two are big travellers or both love tranquil environments. You now already have a better idea of what you are both looking for in terms of a venue and theme.


#3 // Go wild on Pinterest and other wedding sites

how to pick your wedding theme

Pinterest is probably the best search engine to look through when looking for inspiration for your wedding. There are endless photos of wedding-related content which will help you out when thinking of a theme for your wedding. Don’t be afraid to pin until nightfall. You want to look at as many photos as you can and save the ones you love the most. Then, after a while, you’ll notice that your saved photos all seem to follow a specific trend which is usually the one that speaks to you.

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#4 // You don’t have to follow what’s trending

Every year there’s always a new hot trend for weddings. But listen, you don’t have to opt for that theme just because it’s in “style.” Sure, everyone may be having winter wonderland themed weddings, and of course, they look beautiful but it doesn’t fully represent you and your partner. So, at the end of the day, don’t follow the trends, follow what makes you and your partner happy, and that’ll be the best “on trend” move for you.


#5 // Think about the “thinking of the past” moments

Twenty years from now, when you’re going through your wedding album, are you going to regret having a rainbow themed or fairy themed wedding? Of course, you should choose a wedding theme that you love but you should think about what it’s going to be like in your golden years. Are you going to wish that you kept it timeless and classic? If you think you’ll have no regrets, then go for a themed wedding that speaks to you, regardless of what others think.


#6 // When in doubt, ask for help

If you have friends and family around you, then why not ask them for suggestions when it comes to the theme of your wedding? Of course, you don’t want them to plan the entire wedding, but asking them for their input can be very helpful. In fact, many of your friends probably have a boatload of ideas that can help you decide what you want your wedding to look like. If you have artistic friends and family members, that’s even a bigger bonus. A great place to start is asking loved ones to describe your style, and see what words they use. A good friend of ours, Morgan Merritt, decided to own her whimsical style and had a butterfly themed wedding, and it was stunning!


#7 // You can always hire a wedding planner

You and your partner need to look within at your preferences and at your relationship when figuring out a wedding theme ideas. Try to write down words that you feel define you as a couple.

Listen, if you’re really stressed out with the idea of having to choose a theme and plan the wedding, don’t worry --  you can always hire a wedding planner with experience in multiple wedding types! Sure, it’s going to add to your wedding budget, but they’re trained to help you get your wedding planned to perfection. Some even have mini-packages just for this moment in your planning -- getting started, giving ideas, and advising you on how to move forward. If your friends and family aren’t giving you helpful suggestions for a theme, then ask the professional. Trust us, wedding planners have done all sorts of weddings so they’ll be able to help you pick a theme that you like.


#8 // Think about the season

When choosing a theme for your wedding, you'll want to consider the season that you’ll be having your wedding in. If you’re having a summer wedding, traditionally, your theme would include bright and light colors which will reflect the atmosphere you’re in. For winter months, the theme is usually based on warmer and darker colors since winter is generally cold, even though location definitely matters! (A December wedding in Florida and New York definitely have very different definitions of winter!)  So, if you’re stuck with what to do for a theme, look at the season you’re getting married in.


#9 // Formal or semi-formal?

This is another important factor when deciding on a theme for your wedding. How do you want the environment to feel? Are you thinking that the wedding should be formal or more casual? This will greatly affect the theme of your wedding. If you’re thinking of a country theme but want black-tie, you’ll need more decorations, particularly for your reception, and make sure they match the formal vibe.


#10 // Don’t give up

You may be struggling with choosing a theme for your wedding but don’t cave. You do not want to opt for a wedding theme that you’re not in love with. This is your big day! So, whether it takes you weeks or months to choose a theme, it’s okay. Take your time -- its better to take longer and have everything look great than have everything in your wedding cobbled together and not make sense.


Choosing a theme means that you’ll be able to choose bridesmaids and groomsmen attire, decoration, invitations, venue - this all starts with the theme. If you’re having a challenge choosing a theme, don’t worry. Take some time to look around you and gather some inspiration for your big day.

Natasha Ivanovic is a writer at Broomstick! Other than her love of writing, she loves reading, getting lost in nature and drinking a good cappuccino (it's not as easy to find as it sounds). She recently finished her post-graduate degree in forensic psychology but decided to stick with writing as her imagination always seems to get the best of her. To write for Broomstick, apply here.