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#BeyondTheLens: A Conversation with Brooke Michelle

Continuing our #BeyondThe series, we sat down with Brooke Michelle, a Baltimore-based wedding photographer, who in addition to avocados, being a "be yourself encourager," and capturing awkward giggles, loves serving her clients! We loved hearing what's on her heart for every bride. 

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#BeyondthePlanning: An Interview with Wedding Planner Krista Strahan

A wedding very simply cannot happen without the vendors who team together to make it possible. With that in mind, we decided to expand our #BeyondTheDress series to shoutout the individuals that are making it happen! We're continuing this vendor series with the ever-talented Krista Strahan, the DC-based wedding planner and founder of CRAFTED Events, who actually recently got married herself. Very hilarious and dynamic in nature, we really enjoyed catching up with Krista, and you'll soon see why!

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