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12 Simple Ways to Start and Keep Your Marriage on the Right Financial Track

You’re a newlywed and loving every moment of it. You’re in love, you’re getting used to the married life - it’s a new chapter in both of your lives. (Or maybe, you’re newly engaged and are looking to start building your financial life together now -- good for you!) As a married couple, now you have new challenges ahead of you that you may not have had when you were single. Of course, when you’re single, you pay for yourself and that’s it, you’re the only one managing your money.

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Carley Gardiner: Top 5 Things I Learned in Our First Year of Marriage

We sat down with one of our favorite brides, Carley Gardiner, for a chat after her and her husband celebrated their first anniversary on March 20th. You may remember her and her husband Joey from Carley's Beyond the Dress Instagram feature in the fall, and we're so blessed to know her and count her as one of our biggest supporters! Read below for her perspective on what marriage teaches you after your wedding day!

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