12 Ways To Practice Daily Self-Care While Leading A Busy Life

Once you’ve tied the knot and the honeymoon phase is over, nothing will ever be the same. There are new obligations, new priorities. Managing your time and activities becomes a little more challenging under the new role of being the lady of the house. When life gets busy, and it will, you're automatic response is most likely going to be - put yourself last.

This is where taking good care of you becomes vital. Practicing self-care daily is more than just superficial. It's necessary for the alignment of your body, mind, and soul. Not to mention it will enable you to be more grounded and stronger for your family. Never feel guilty or consider it selfish to practice self-care daily because regardless of how busy your schedule is, you'll find that a little time spent each day on caring for yourself actually makes you healthier, more productive and more energetic.

I know you don't have much time to indulge in lengthy routines so here are my 12 quick suggestions that you can test out and integrate into your current lifestyle.

#1 // Eat real food and make it as healthy and balanced as you possibly can

Fresh fruits and vegetables need to take up a big portion of your food intake. You'd be amazed the difference this small shift can make in your overall "good feeling". Make eating well important in your life even if it means spending a few minutes more in the kitchen.


#2 // Hydrate a lot more during the day.

What's your current water intake?

Add an extra glass or two from now on - your body will thank you in wonderful ways just for doing this one thing.


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#3 // Get enough restful sleep.

Remember those days when it used to be cool to sleep little and drink lots of coffee? Those days are gone! There's nothing sexy about a sleep-deprived wife. You won't be able to perform at your best whether it's at home or at work, so listen to your body and give it the amount of sleep it actually needs to run through the day energetic and radiant.


#4 // Give yourself a reward at the end of each day

This can be a small treat like buying yourself flowers on your way home or booking an hour-long massage at the end of the week. It could even be rewarding yourself with a nice dessert at the end of your meal.

Whatever your idea of reward is after a long productive day, make sure you take time to acknowledge the good work you're doing.


#5 // Spend a few minutes outside in nature every day

This applies to you even if you live in a big city. And especially if you work from home. Most of us get so consumed with our daily chores and routine days go by without ever catching some fresh air and grounding ourselves in nature.

There is something magical about being in nature even if it's a small park with a few trees. Whatever form is available for you, get out in the open air, breathe it in, observe the little birds, insects, and the trees, rocks or sand. Let that same power that sustains nature flow into you.


#6 // Take long baths or showers


Allow yourself the pleasure of indulging in a long bath if that's your thing or long showers at the end of each day. It's the perfect way to unwind, relax and invigorate you, especially when combined with soaps, shampoos or essential oils that make you feel good.

I do my best to take a long hot shower with my favorite soap before my partner comes home. That way I feel good and smell amazing.


#7 //  Invest in clothes, shoes, and creams that make you feel good about yourself

The fact that you have a busy schedule means you're probably up at the crack of dawn and you're on nonstop grind mode till the sun's gone. You don't have as much time to put on makeup and make yourself look flawless like other women do. That doesn't mean that you get sloppy with your dress code or that you stop looking hot.

I mean when your man met you, the hot factor was present and you did take the time to pamper and beautify yourself during that courtship phase. Things might have changed but it doesn't have to be for the worst. You can still look and feel beautiful, sexy and attractive while being minimal. It's all about the choices you make with your wardrobe, the scents you invest in and the skin care ritual you implement.

So start wearing clothes you know make you feel and look good. Keep wearing those scents that you love and that you know turn you on and for heaven's sake; don't stop looking after your skin. Ask for professional help if possible so you can stop the guesswork. After all, you don't have the time to keep guessing your way through what works.


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#8 //  Laugh more every day

You have to find a way to include laughter in your daily life. Most people don't view this as a viable way to practice self-care daily but it really is. Whether that means watching a funny cat video on Facebook, calling up a friend who always makes you laugh, calling up your spouse during lunch hour to share a laugh or watching one episode of Friends on Netflix before bedtime - whatever gets you laughing so hard tears come out of your face, include that in your daily diet!


#9 // Schedule into your calendar what feels good

The biggest obstacle you will face even if you wish to practice self-care daily is consistency. It's going to be tough to continuously do things for yourself when a million other things demand your attention. You'll feel like you don't have time. I bet you already feel like that don't ya?

The only way to fix this is to fix your calendar. I mean literally adjust it and create space on your calendar even if it's just 10 minutes a day. Label it - "me time" And while you don't have to be rigid each day about doing it at the same time, the mere fact of having it show up on your calendar will alert your brain that this is important! Then it will be easier to develop consistency doing things that make you feel good for a few minutes each day.


#10 //  Private 5 minute journal

I learned this one from one of the best prosperity teachers that ever lived. She taught me that having a private journal where I spend just 5 minutes daily writing down how I am currently feeling, how I would love to feel and 3 small things I would love to accomplish in this new day was a powerful way to magnetize success.

And she was so right.

I have been teaching this simple technique to women and it has brought about great miracles. From broken marriages being restored to diseases disappearing to more money coming into the family, the list is endless. But the best part about this written reflection is that it helps one get in tune and in touch with her feelings. Knowing how you feel and consciously directing your day to be and feel the way you wish it to be is a very powerful way of caring for yourself. I recommend doing it first thing in the morning before jumping out of bed. This alone can change the entire projection of your day and take you from busy to blissful.


#11 // Meditate for 15 minutes daily

Honestly, it takes most of us longer than fifteen minutes to shower and get ready. Surely if you can find time to put on makeup and style your hair you can also find time to align your body, mind and soul? The powerful, transformational effects of meditation are now widely preached by medical scientists, as well as spiritual teachers, all the world over. It would require an entire article to share all the marvelous benefits meditation will bring to your life if consistently done. Don't know where to start? This is a great starting point.

Don't feel like you can sit still for 15minutes? There are many forms of meditation you can try. Sitting still in the silence is just one of them. You can even learn to do meditation walks or meditate while doing the dishes. It's one of my favorite things to do nowadays.

Speaking of walks, here's one last idea for you.


#12 //  Exercise daily and move that body

If you're not a fan of the gym that's okay. Power walk for 20minutes around your neighborhood. Jog on the beach if you are fortunate enough to be near one. Take up a Zumba, Yoga, Spin or Dance class. There are so many different ways to move your body and exercise it.


Now it's your turn to share some wisdom with us. Do you have any tips to help us practice self-care daily especially those of us who have busy lives? Leave your comments below.