10 Best Ideas For Your Wedding Registry


When choosing which store to create your wedding registry at, there is a multitude of things to consider. What do you actually want or need? What are the price ranges your guests are comfortable with? What happens if you get something you liked in pictures but hate in-person? What if you don’t want physical gifts at all? There are so many factors that go into this decision, so we compiled a list of our top 10 favorite wedding registry ideas and why.

#1 // Bed Bath & Beyond

Perfect for the couple who is finally moving in together after the wedding, Bed Bath & Beyond has all your basics covered. You can get your blender, bed sheets, and bath towels all in one place. Plus, the prices are affordable on average, and many luxury items are also available. Your guests who are on a budget can give you something nice, and your wealthy great-aunt twice removed can get you something fancy with a bigger price tag.

Why it’s great: Get all your home necessities in one place, you’re able to return any registry gift you don’t want without a receipt and exchange for something you do want, and there’s an email announcement feature that will send all your guests your registry as long as you provide their emails.

#2 // Anthropologie

Anthropologie is for the trendy couples who already have their basic home goods and want some quirkier pieces. It’s basically the mecca of cute dish ware and duvet covers. From unique door knobs for DIY to marble bookends for the bookshelf, you can get every eclectic desire purchased here. You can even get limited-edition pieces part of the Artists Collaboration- if you don’t have a ceramic candle from Cathy Terepocki, what are you waiting for?

Why it’s great: You can include gift cards on your registry allowing you to pick things out later, there’s a mobile Anthropologie app for convenience, and when your wedding is over you receive a 15% off discount to purchase whatever is left on your registry!

What we love // Liberty for Anthropologie Mugs

#3 // Blue Print Registry

For many newlyweds, it can be hard to select one store to get everything you need. That’s where Blueprint Registry comes in; create one registry with items from all the retailers you love like Amazon.com, Crate & Barrel, Macy’s and more. This allows for a huge range of budgets to purchase gifts for you, and you can mix and match the brands you love from each store.

Why it’s great: You can highlight the items you really really want guests to see, guests can also give cash gifts, and Blueprint has the lowest transaction fees in the industry for those payments, all items can be “group gifts” that guests can contribute to the purchase of!  


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#4 // Wayfair

Wayfair is the hottest online retailer right now for furniture and home goods. It’s regularly featured in HGTV Magazine, Good Housekeeping, and Rachel Ray Everyday. They carry brands like Kate Spade New York, Kitchen Aid, Vitamix, and more. To make it super easy to find what you want they have lists of the top items selected from other wedding registries.

Why it’s great: Free returns and exchanges, free shipping (woohoo!), and you receive a 10% off discount after the wedding to purchase any remaining items on the registry!

#5 // West Elm

For couples who want gorgeous pieces for the home with the knowledge that those items were sourced ethically, check out West Elm. Noted for having classic, chic, and on-trend designs, West Elm also boasts its involvement in the global community by ensuring all its products are created with top-notch craftsmanship and within ethical standards.

Why it’s great: You can have nearly every item they sell monogrammed with your initials or family name, you receive 15% off any remaining items on your registry, and you can pick out your items online or in person with a registry specialist!

What we love // Art in the Forest Cachepots

#6 // Etsy

If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind pieces not found in a big retailer, look no further than Etsy. Etsy features items hand-made by sellers all over the world, many of them customizable. Aside from homeware, there’s also toys, craft supplies, clothing, jewelry, and more. There’s even a vintage section where the price tags may be a little higher, but they are authentically antique items.

Why it’s great: You can add your own note to the seller for customization if their item is purchased from your registry, manage your list’s visibility and control who sees it, and there’s a physical card option to print your registry out for guests who aren’t computer savvy!

#7 // My Registry

My Registry is the number one spot for couples who want experiences over product gifts. Not only can you add items from your favorite stores all over the world, but you can add date nights at a restaurant you love, horseback riding lessons, plane tickets, and so much more. It’s the ultimate wedding registry base for couples who don’t want gifts.

Why it’s great: Guests can also give cash gifts for you to put towards whatever you wish, there’s a private category for gifts you like but don’t want people to see yet, and don’t stress about thank you notes because My Registry tracks who purchased each gift and their address!

#8 // Honeyfund

Some couples already have everything they need for their home; what they don’t have yet is their honeymoon paid for! With Honeyfund you can plan what you want to do for your honeymoon- 10 days in the South of France, perhaps- and guests can see those plans on the registry and help fund it! They can also help fund a house down payment or renovations.

Why it’s great: You receive exclusive offers with travel companies like Hotels.com if your honeymoon is booked with Honeyfund, your Honeyfund never expires so you can go on that honeymoon whenever you want, and there are zero fees for your guests!

#9 // Just Giving

If you want to use your wedding registry as a chance to give back to an organization you love, then check out Just Giving. Choose from 1.8 million charities worldwide and create a registry fundraising page. Not only will your guests love supporting a cause you believe in, the receivers of that fund will undoubtedly appreciate it too.

Why it’s great: Your fundraiser will show a running total of how much has been donated and how much you still need. The fundraising doesn’t have to stop when the wedding is over, because you can add donations you received offline to the running total!

#10 // Zola

For the couple who wants a little bit of everything- gifts, experiences, and money- Zola is the place to create your registry. With awesome vendors like Ralph Lauren, Kitchen Aid, and Jonathon Adler, you’ll get all the beautiful home touches you wanted. Then, you can receive gift cards for Air Bnb, subscription box services, and more!

Why it’s great: Zola helps manage other wedding tasks as well, like RSVPs and guest lists, receive bonus gifts when guests purchase items from certain brands and receive 10% off your Zola purchases for a whole year after your wedding!


Whether you can’t wait to start decorating your first home with your love or are dying to go on a romantic getaway together, your wedding registry is the perfect place to fund what you want. The most important things to consider are what you will both appreciate and allowing your guests to demonstrate their happiness for you.


Have you used any of the websites on our list as a wedding registry? We want to know how your experience was!    

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