#BeyondtheLens: Laura Friedel of Laura's Focus!

Laura, who prides herself on being a passionate photographer

A wedding very simply cannot happen without the vendors who team together to make it possible. With that in mind, we decided to expand our #BeyondTheDress series to shoutout the individuals that are making it happen! We're starting with Laura Friedel, the phenomenal photographer of our founder's wedding, who Natalie & Austin absolutely fell in love with! Located in Eastern Maryland, read below for her approachable style, how she sees herself #beyondthelens, and also, why she loves weddings!

Tell us about yourself. I am a very happy, laid back Mom who absolutely loves the art of photography!

How did you get started in photography? In high school, I signed up for a darkroom photography classes and immediately fell in love with the art. Ever since then, I haven’t put down the camera!

my top piece of advice is to choose a photographer you connect with and are comfortable around.

When did you know you wanted to be a photographer? Towards the end of high school, I knew I wanted to be a photographer professionally. I started out by studying photojournalism in college and later added a business degree with a specialty in marketing. After photographing a few weddings for friends, I knew I wanted to start my own business focusing on weddings and portraits.

If you could describe your photography style, what words come to mind? I would describe my style as natural and emotional. I love documenting all of those moments and expressions at each unique wedding. I also love photographing details, especially the rings on something personal to the couple!

What’s your favorite place to shoot? A location that is significant to the couple which makes the shoot so personal. This could be a place where the couple had their first date, where the groom proposed, or where the couple just loves to spend time.

What's your favorite part about being a photographer? Doing what I love for a living is the best feeling in the world!

Why do brides choose you over others? I have a very calm, laid back personality and I am also very organized. As a result, brides are stress free knowing I have the pictures and schedule taken care of! I am also very quick to respond to phone/email questions and with returning images to the couple. My turnaround time is 2-3 weeks after the wedding. I cannot procrastinate and it’s the way I have been forever!

What’s your favorite part of working with brides and grooms? I love documenting the personalities and the love between each couple. Each couple is unique and my goal is to show this off!

What’s the most interesting wedding moment you’ve witnessed? A groomsman fainted during a wedding ceremony which surprised everyone! Luckily he was fine a few minutes later and the ceremony went on!

Any wedding advice to the brides reading this? Choose a photographer you connect with and are comfortable around. Make sure your photographer is asking you for all of the details and schedule prior to your wedding day. This way they will be prepared to capture all of those personal, special details and will be prepared for what is coming up next in the schedule.

What are the traits of a good photographer?/What should brides look for? I would say someone who is organized, someone who truly enjoys photographing weddings, and someone with a quick turn-around time.

What are some of the ways you’ve seen how a couple’s life & goals influences what their wedding looks like? I would say hiring a wedding coordinator is key to help with bringing the day and details together. Also plan your wedding date around your work schedule to make things less stressful.

With that being said, what are some of your favorite parts of yourself #beyondthelens? I am a mother to the sweetest 4 year old boy who keeps me busy when I am not working on photography! I also love exploring the eastern shore of Maryland with him. I love the Chesapeake Bay and getting out on the water when I can. Sailing is my favorite activity!

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