How to Pick a Honeymoon Destination Based on Your Travel Style

Your honeymoon is a chance for you and your spouse to spend quality time together celebrating your love. Technically, you can do that from the comfort of your living room. But it’s way more fun to go somewhere new together and take a break from the daily grind of reality, and not to mention, celebrate that wedding planning is officially behind you (can we get an AMEN? we hear ya!).

how to pick a honeymoon destination based on your travel style broomstick weddings

We’ve compiled a list of the best honeymoon destinations based on what suits you and your love’s travel style. From white sand beaches to an active volcano, we’ve got a honeymoon destination for everyone!


#1 //  For the Beach Lovers - The Bahamas!

For couples who love to lounge in the sun and relax on their honeymoon, The Bahamas are for you. Take your pick of spots along the miles of white sand beaches and let that 300-days-a-year sun soak in. The iconic turquoise water is perfect for wading in or exploring the reefs. Snorkelling in The Bahamas is world renowned, and should not be passed up.

For a truly isolated and private beach experience, try a resort on Paradise Island. There are fewer tourists coming and going and overall fewer people. The picturesque white and turquoise beaches are what make Nassau Island popular to newlyweds, as well as Grand Bahama Island for the legendary snorkeling. If you’re looking for a relaxing honeymoon under the hot sun, then The Bahamas are for you.

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#2 // For the Adventure Seekers - Iceland!

Iceland has some of the world’s most gorgeous landscapes and the best trekking around. For couples who like a little adventure, start by renting a car in Reykjavik and drive the 7-day loop around the country. On the way, you can stop to go hiking, check out the glaciers, and even see the “gateway to hell”, also known as Iceland’s most active volcano!

Whale watching on the coast is a must, as is rafting the Hvita River if you have time. There is no shortage of things to do in Iceland, and the best way to see it all is to keep moving from stop to stop. There are some beautiful resorts fit for a honeymoon in Iceland, but true adventure couples would likely enjoy road tripping even more.

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#3 // For the Foodies - Italy!

When you think of the most amazing place for culinary enthusiasts to test their palettes, it must be Italy. Whether you’re sampling the authentic Neapolitan pizza in Naples, the seafood on the Amalfi Coast, or the tortellini en brodo of Northern Italy, your taste buds are sure to have the time of their life.

Not to mention how beautiful Italy is to explore, there is so much to see from one side to the other. Whenever you get the chance, order plates that have olive oil, tomatoes, and garlic as those are all ingredients native to Italy. You will never taste fresher oregano than on this holiday!

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#4 // For the Spa Enthusiasts - Mauritius!

There’s nothing like a mud bath followed by a couple’s massage to really set the tone for your honeymoon. Especially when you and your honey are spa enthusiasts who love being pampered on vacation! For the most luxurious, top to the line spa experiences, Mauritius is the place to go. Located just East of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius offers a sunny, warm, and relaxing island atmosphere. There are dozens of spa resorts on the island; couples can take their pick of beautiful sights and spa services offered.

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#5 // For the Spiritualists - India!

For every couple that got seriously obsessed with Eat Pray Love, your perfect honeymoon is in India. If you didn’t read Eat Pray Love, but you are genuinely interested in all things spiritual, then you really need to go to India.

The Northern state of Uttarakhand has become a mecca for Zen honeymoons, attracting couples who want to celebrate their love by connecting their souls. Soak in the view as you gaze out at the Himalayan range during your yoga practice. Meditate together at Corbett National Park among the fauna. Take a ride on an elephant, an animal that experiences more life than we do. Uttarakhand is the place to go for a serene and spiritual honeymoon.

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#6 // For the Outdoors Lovers - Alberta!

There is nothing like sleeping under the stars and breathing in fresh Northern air to celebrate a honeymoon in the great outdoors. Camping and hiking enthusiasts will find their perfect destination at Honeymoon Lake, in Jasper, Alberta.

Surrounded by views of the Endless Chain Ridge, spend your vacation living out of a tent, swimming in freshwater lakes, and eating your fire-cooked meals on a picnic table. Honeymoon Lake (Come on, there is literally a lake named HONEYMOON LAKE!)  is perfect because it’s near the best trails to see the Athabasca Falls, and the main lake is crystal clear. The canoeing and kayaking routes take you through the most beautiful scenery; any outdoorsy couple needs to check out Jasper for their honeymoon.

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#7 // For the History Lovers - Cuba!

If you and your beau love learning about the history and culture of your destination, then Havana, Cuba will hold your interest for the whole trip. Cuba has a fascinating social and political history, with endless monuments for you to visit. Plus, the city is drop-dead gorgeous; colonial architecture painted in the brightest colors, vintage cars transformed into taxis, the list goes on.

Not to mention the nightlife is unreal. Havana’s culture is a mix of Spanish and African traditions, which at the very least means you are going to have an awesome time dancing the night away. Oh, and there are some beaches nearby that will take your breath away. For the best time experiencing Cuban culture, couples should check out Havana for their honeymoon.

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#8 // For the Kids at Heart - Disneyland!

There’s nothing like mouse ears to bring out the little kid in grown adults. Each year thousands of couples spend their honeymoons at a Disney resort because it is simply too much fun. There are always tons of bonus experiences for honeymooners, like candlelit dinners, fast-passes to skip the line up at rides, and more.

But it’s way more fun to go somewhere new together and take a break from the daily grind of reality, and not to mention, celebrate that wedding planning is officially behind you (can we get an AMEN? we hear ya!).

When booking the trip, make sure you note that it is a honeymoon, so you can cash in on all the extras! From your Disney resort, there are free shuttles that will take you to and from the parks, so you can ride coasters all day, then relax all night. Disney is the perfect honeymoon for couples who want to feel like princesses and princes.

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#9 // For Lovers at Sea - Try a Cruise!

For those who love the all-inclusive, but want to be a little more adventurous, cruises are the answer. Choose from the dozens of reputable cruise lines and reserve the honeymoon suite. Spend your days laying by the pool and watching the waves, and your evenings being entertained with comedy and magic.

You can choose from taking a cruise in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, even along Alaska if you don’t mind the cold weather. Cruises are great for honeymoons because you can take day-trip excursions to the countries you dock at, and spend time drinking, eating, and being entertained on the ship. It’s the best of both worlds for those who want to explore new places but come back to an all-inclusive resort.

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#10 // For the Luxury Travelers - Bora Bora!

The most luxurious (and most expensive) honeymoon destination is by far Bora Bora in French Polynesia. With nothing but sea everywhere you look, Bora Bora is the epitome of an island getaway. The white sand beaches and crystal-clear water offer a tranquil, serene atmosphere. The resorts are known for offering the best spa services, having the most fabulous suites, and for allowing guests a private beach getaway.

Many of the resorts also have overwater bungalows that make you feel like you are on your own private island. Watch the sunset from the privacy of your own bungalow, while enjoying a private candlelit dinner. Honeymooners love the pampering, the relaxation, and the privacy of Bora Bora.

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No matter your style, there is a honeymoon destination perfect for you to bask in your newlywed bliss! Don’t be afraid to take a chance and try somewhere new!

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