5 Things Most Brides Completely Forget About Destination Weddings

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You’re engaged, congratulations! Now what? Oh, you know what you have to do now - plan the wedding! No one said planning a wedding was going to be easy, no matter how effortless Pinterest makes it look. But you’re still not sure what to do, should you go for a traditional wedding or a destination wedding? You don’t want a big wedding or to empty out your bank account, and you’re feeling the travel bug, so you’re thinking a destination wedding may be the best option for you two. Though your destination wedding could be a lot of fun and there are definitely reasons why destination weddings are awesome, there are some things you need to consider before deciding on having a destination wedding. Before you book your tickets to Mexico or Hawaii, it’s time you looked at the top 5 reasons to not have a destination wedding.


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#1 // You’re asking a lot from your guests

Sure, you save you and your partner a lot of time and energy by having a destination wedding, but do you know what you’re asking your guests to do? Of course, who wouldn’t like to go to Mexico to celebrate a wedding, but it’s not easy to just book a ticket and go. Your guests have jobs, children and other responsibilities that they may not be able to get out of. Though you want to spend your wedding with close relative and friends, your grandma may not be physically able to go on a plane or your best friend may be in her third-trimester - this leaves them out of the chance to celebrate your wedding with you.

Solution: Before you make the decision to opt for a destination wedding, you need to look at who you’re inviting, their circumstances, and how far in advance your wedding date is.

#2 // It’s a lot of family time

Wait, isn’t that a good thing? Well, you may love your family (I sure do,) but think about spending a week with them, every day, all day, at the same resort. This doesn’t work for every family. If you’re not sure, think about how you emotionally and mentally feel after spending the holidays with your family -- how long do you spend together?  If it takes you a week to recover, then having a destination wedding will probably not be much different. The location changed but all the family dynamics and/or drama would also pack their bags and come along. If you have divorced parents which aren’t on good terms, then having them for a week in Mexico may be a little uncomfortable.

Solution: If your family isn’t perfect (whose is?) pick a resort with lots of activities and that is bigger in size, so everyone can have their space when needed.


#3 // Your honeymoon and wedding are at the same place

Usually, when couples get married, a lot of excitement is directed towards the honeymoon. It’s the trip where you two get to explore the world as husband and wife for the first time. But with destinations, your wedding can feel like the honeymoon because you’re already in a vacation environment. Some destination wedding locations even include honeymoon packages. Though the location is undoubtedly beautiful, don’t you want to use that honeymoon time to explore a place together that’s unknown to the both of you?

Solution: Visit the wedding location in advance if you can. Ask yourselves and the professionals on site what is in the immediate area (maybe neighboring cities) that will allow you to have a built-in vacation from your vacation wedding.


#4 // You’re risking getting the travel bug

If you’ve traveled before then you know how easy it is to contract a bug. In any other circumstance, you would shake off the fact that you got sick, but this is your wedding. Traveling can do quite a number on your immune system, regardless of how many vitamins you’re taking. If you’re in a new climate and environment, you run the risk of contracting a cold. With a traditional wedding, of course, you can also get sick before it, however, there are less likely chances of you getting sick on the day of your wedding or suffering from jet lag. These are important things you need to consider prior to traveling. If you don’t handle traveling well, then choosing a destination wedding might not a good idea. Though, if you do choose to go through with a destination wedding, go a couple days ahead of the actual wedding so you can settle in and relax to the scene.

Solution: Listen to our podcast episode all about ways to not get sick on your wedding day, straight from our founder, Natalie.


#5 // It’s expensive for guests

There’s a reason why destination weddings are cheaper for the bride and groom - only a handful of people will attend the wedding, and guests pay for their own flights and accommodations. While you save money with a destination wedding, your guests are the ones that are left with the expensive costs. Of course the same could be said for weddings where guests from out of town travel in, but with destinations, a resort is involved, not your local Hawthorn Suites -- it’s harder for guests to pick options that match their desired level of spending. Now, if they’re single this isn’t as big of a problem, but if they have a spouse and children, your wedding can easily add up for them. Though choosing a destination wedding ensures that unwanted guests are less likely to come to your wedding, it also means that some of the people that you want to attend may not be able to afford it. In these cases, you may have to help your friends and family out financially which means you need to have some savings put aside.

Solution: If you pick a destination wedding, nail down a location and send a Save the Date in the mail as soon as possible, with both your wedding date and wedding location. The longer your guests know they’ll have to save, the easier it is for everyone to prepare accordingly.


In conclusion, destination weddings sound like exotic and relaxing experiences which they are for some, however for others, it’s not as relaxing as you think. Hopefully, you consider our top 5 reasons you may not want to have a destination wedding before you jump in and plan one. Before booking the tickets, sit down and think about the guests that you’d like to attend your wedding and the likelihood of them being able to go. This will help you figure the type of wedding you’d like to have for your big day.


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