The Top 5 Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding

There’s a reason why some brides turn into the dreaded “Bridezilla” while planning their wedding - it can be super stressful. If you’ve seen the show Bridezillas then you know exactly what we’re talking about. Since you’re getting married, you need to find the venue, make a guest list, find the florist, pick a theme - that’s just hitting the surface of things you need to do.

reasons to have a destination wedding

Pinning things on Pinterest is the easy part, but usually when brides are organizing their wedding they soon realize it’s not as fun or easy as they thought it would be. This is where traditional weddings sometimes fall to the side and destination weddings come in. Why not ditch the idea of a big wedding and opt for something more relaxing by choosing a destination wedding? Trust us, we’re going to show you the top 5 reasons to have a destination wedding and by the time you finish reading, you’ll have your plane ticket already booked.

#1 // Destination Weddings are Budget-friendly

Let’s face it, weddings are expensive. Depending on how big your family is or where you live, they can get really expensive. The venue, wedding attire, food and drinks, decoration, floral arrangements, cake - that all adds up. Not to mention the small things such as invitations, bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts and details which give your wedding its personality. In the US, an average wedding costs $26,000. Now, that’s a lot of money to spend for one day, considering that doesn’t include the honeymoon! In comparison, destination weddings, depending on where you decide to go, cost between $8-15k which is less than half of the costs of a traditional wedding. What’s even better is that this includes all the meals, your wedding ceremony and accommodation. So, when you look at what you’re getting for the price, a destination wedding is a way to have the wedding of your dreams closer to the budget of your dreams.


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#2 // Destination Weddings help focus on quality, not quantity

For many couples, most of the invited guests they don’t really know that well. They are friends of their mothers, a distant relative of a relative, or a longtime coworker of their fathers, but nevertheless, if they don’t invite them, it can be tough to navigate. With all the additional guests, you can easily reach an invitation list of over a couple hundred people! Having a big wedding is wonderful but you have to ask yourself: are you really spending your wedding day truly surrounded by the people you love? How many people will shake your hand at your own wedding?

When you look at it, the people that really matter are close family members and friends. So, if you want to weed out some of the people on your guest list (and the cost that come with large guest lists), one of the best ways to do this is having a destination wedding. The people that love you and want to celebrate this day will plan to make their way out to your wedding. Your distant cousin or your mother’s friend’s uncle will probably not fly to Mexico for your wedding - just sayin’. Plus, after the ceremony, the rest of the days after will be spent with your family and friends. You’ll spend time on the beach, go surfing or snorkeling, eat delicious food and do all of this with the people you love.   

#3 // Destination Weddings cut out the planning

Having a big wedding is wonderful but you have to ask yourself: are you really spending your wedding day truly surrounded by the people you love? How many people will shake your hand at your own wedding?

Not all of us like all the small details and to-do lists that come with planning events and if you’re one of those people, then planning a traditional wedding might feel overwhelming, especially without a professional wedding planner. With destination weddings, the only thing you need to do is choose the destination. Once you books the airfare and resort, then everything is taken care of by the resort because destination wedding locations are very good at what they do. You’ll work directly with the on-site wedding director throughout your engagement to pick from their packages that they’ve already made sure look good. Literally, the only thing you need to do is get on the plane and show up. How hard is that?

#4 // Have your honeymoon and wedding all in one

With traditional weddings, typically once the wedding is over, then the couple goes on a honeymoon. But these are two separate events, both with separate bills which can get expensive. A destination wedding cuts out the extra planning needed to organize the honeymoon, because you can have your honeymoon in the same location of your destination wedding. Of course, you don’t have to stay at the resort you were married in, you can venture around the country, but the point is, you save money on the flight ticket that otherwise could’ve added up to a couple thousand dollars.

#5 // Your guests also get a vacation

Yes, it’s your day and you do get bragging rights that your wedding was in an exotic destination but your guests also get a mini vacation. Of course, they most likely aren’t going to come for just one day to Mexico or Hawaii to celebrate your wedding then leave. If they do come, most of them will stay at least one week. In addition, the hotel will probably give you and your guests a discounted rate, if you ask, since you’re getting married at their resort. So, not only are your guests coming to celebrate your big day but they also get the chance to unwind, spend quality time with you and have fun. It’s a win-win for everyone!


Now that you read through our top 5 reasons to have a destination wedding, it’s not looking too bad, right? Seriously though, think about it. Your wedding is about you and your partner vowing to each other that you’ll be together through thick and thin. It’s an intimate moment which should be celebrated with those you truly know and love you both. Destination weddings give you that intimacy and ability to spend time with only close family and friends.

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