5 Romantic Conversation Starters That Will Spice Up Your Marriage

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For couples looking to create a happily ever after story, these little gestures of love and romance have monumental effects. On the path of mastery, whether it be mastery of a craft or nailing down our perfect relationship, we often require fresh ideas and tips to help us spice things up.

Picture this...

You're going through a very hectic stressful day and you've already surpassed your 2 cups of coffee a day rule because you're not getting enough sleep and you need more energy. Then just when you think the day couldn't get more draining, the phone rings.

It's your spouse on the other end. You pick up wondering if something is wrong as they usually don't call at this hour and the only thing they say in the most loving, joyful tone is " I love you. I just called to say that. I know you're having a tough week so - get back to it but remember that I love you more than words can say."

Heart melting isn't it?

That simple 30-second call changes everything in your world for the entire day.

After spending a lot of time with the same person and sharing all your personal space it can be all too easy to start seeing your partner like a roommate instead of a lover. I know it sounds like a cliché when we talk about romantic conversation starters but a little chivalry and hot romance is always a good thing for any marriage.  

Prioritizing romance and choosing to do things that take both of you out of your comfort zone is actually very healthy. Putting yourself in situations, circumstances and activities that help you see each other in a different context can be a wonderful opportunity to help your relationship evolve and still maintain that passionate spark that keeps you on top.

So don't overthink this, get out of your head and use some or all the suggestions below to amplify the romance in your life.


// The starting point for exploring and reigniting romance that you need to know:

Creating the right mood.

The best way to infuse and reignite romance is through ambiance. Creating a certain mood.It sounds so simple yet it never fails to work. Candles and romantic dinners can go a long way in providing the right atmosphere for you to heat things up with the love of your life. Whether for you and your partner that means a moonlight dinner, fine dining at a chic restaurant or Chinese takeaway on the sofa cuddling and listening to music you both love. Play with the idea and customize it to gel with both your preferences and you'll have sparks in the air all evening. Once the atmosphere is right and you're both in the right mood, use these romantic conversation starters. Keep in mind they aren't meant to be used for interrogative purposes. This is about bonding, getting more intimate and turning each other on in a deeper way in the process.


#01 // Talk about your future life together.

See where this discussion leads. This will help you understand your partner's expectations and where they see themselves in a decade. Of course, you need to finish this statement for yourself first.

Example of a great romantic question to ask...

When we get to our 10th anniversary we should...


#02 //Reinforce the fact that you believe you were meant to be together and get your partner to chime in as well.


Example of a great romantic question to ask...

What do you think is something we have in our home that totally screams, " These two were meant to be!"?


#03 // Let your partner know how you feel. Tell your partner they mean the world to you.

Example of a great romantic statement...

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that you mean the world to me. Every day I say a little prayer for you and this home we are creating because it’s everything I ever wanted. I can't wait to see what's coming next for us.


#04 // Be more playful with your partner. It's very sexy and romantic. Find ways to show you care about their joy and happiness.

Example of a great romantic question to ask...

If you were making a list of 3 things that bring you joy and make you feel blissed out, what would you jot down?


#05 // Bring a little naughty R rated stuff into your evening.

I mean if you're not interested in fulfilling your partner's sexual desires, no romantic words in the world will sufficiently keep that fire alive. So go a little wild, find out what you can do to satisfy your spouse more.

Example of a hot romantic question to ask...

What do you fantasize about? Is there any specific fantasy you've always wanted to make a reality?

// Conclusion

Remember, finding romantic conversation starters to help maintain passion and sexual attraction in your marriage isn't meant to be a chore. It's also nothing to feel ashamed of.

Sharing intimacy and romance on a regular basis is both fun and healthy for your marriage. It strengthens your bond and exercises your communication because it provides an easy open channel for both of you to discuss things you'd otherwise not get to discover. Integrate it as best as possible to suit your situation and by all means, enjoy being an old romantic with the love of your life.


May you always be in love.