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8 Signs That Lead To Marital Bliss

As human beings, we've become so accustomed to focusing on the red flags in life, business, and relationships. Dissecting and becoming aware of the problem in our lives is important because it helps us gain clarity on what we really want thereby inviting the solution. But I believe it's equally important to praise the good stuff. To discuss and paint vivid images of the experiences and scenarios that do actually bring us joy. In other words, to focus more on moving toward pleasure rather than avoiding pain.

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How to Pick a Honeymoon Destination Based on Your Travel Style

Your honeymoon is a chance for you and your spouse to spend quality time together celebrating your love. Technically, you can do that from the comfort of your living room. But it’s way more fun to go somewhere new together and take a break from the daily grind of reality, and not to mention, celebrate that wedding planning is officially behind you (can we get an AMEN? we hear ya!).

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11 Simple Ways To Include Your Fiance More in Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can be stressful and as the bride, it’s understandable to want your wedding to be perfect and take on all the responsibility. But this wedding isn’t only about you, you’re marrying a person, right? So, let this be a shared experience. With that being said, we’re going to show you how to make your fiance feel included while you plan your wedding.

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