How to Have The Wedding Cake of Your Dreams

Weddings are more than a celebration for a couple. It is a time to uniquely demonstrate the bride and groom and their tastes of what represents their particular lives. For the bride, she will pay extra attention to the small details of what she truly wants to define her in front of the most important people in her life.

The wedding theme is how the colors, venue, the food and cake will all come together and compliment the couple. Wedding styles have changed throughout the years. For example, Queen Victoria made the idea of wearing white for a bride popular and the norm. Throughout the years, many brides have even changed that by adding colors to their dresses; some don't even wear dresses anymore, but a nice pantsuit or a day dress.


#01 // The Beach Cake

With all of the changing trends, wedding cakes have become effected the same way. A traditional wedding may have a two to three tier wedding cake with a few small flowers or the cake toppers of bride and groom. Now, a beach wedding where the bride wears flip flops down the aisle and the groom doesn't wear a suit, the wedding cake may be colored a light turquoise and shells adorning the cake itself. 

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#02 // A Rustic Cake 

A rustic wedding cake can be of darker colors representing the foliage of fall. Cakes do not have to be frosted; with leaves and even pine cones draped over the sides, this will match the great outdoors that the couple seems to enjoy. 

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#03 //  Celestial Themed Cake

Another non-traditional theme is celestial. Since the theme would encompass the stars, moon, sun and galaxies, the sky is literally and figuratively the limit. Cakes can incorporate light and darkness to the cake with candles and a blend of multiple colors.

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#04 // Holiday Inspired

A holiday themed wedding could be used for a special time for the couple's celebration. Christmas time is popular with green and red decorations and a hope of white snow as an added bonus. Cakes shaped as presents and topped with bows and name tags will show off the time of year. 

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#05 // Out-of-the-box Cake

For other couples, the wedding cake doesn't have to follow the norm. An offbeat style wedding where the chairs don't match and the creativity of the mind is boundless. The happy couple may prefer to serve their guests something other than a cake. They may serve a cookie wedding cake or even a cupcake wedding cake. 

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Other options, styles, themes, fashionable ideas are everywhere. They can come from experiences between the couple or what the couple may enjoy doing together. The point is to make it for the couple.

There are numerous amount of themes and wedding cakes to go along with them. Weddings are what two people want on their day for people to share in their joy. Wedding cakes can be done in whatever size, style or even taste that the couple wants.

Endless imagination can go into designing wedding cakes and determining what flavors and look they are going for. Most cakes come from the inspiration of the theme of the wedding. But again, for some brides, they can be an uncommon and rare bride that has her own cake flair.


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