Our Favorite Bridesmaid Gifts that Don't Break The Bank

When you choose your closest girlfriends to be a part of your wedding, it’s a big deal. These ladies are going to be giving up their time, energy, and likely a bit of cash to make your big day as special as possible. The best way to thank them is with an amazing gift they’ll truly appreciate!

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However, we all know weddings can get expensive. There’s no need to break the bank on bridesmaid gifts-  to prove it we’ve compiled a list of the coolest low-cost bridesmaid gifts we could find online. Check them out!

#1 // The Classic Gifts



There’s nothing like getting ready together for your big day. Your amazing girlfriends will all be making sure you look 100% perfect before they even look at themselves. What better way to thank them then by giving them a cozy, gorgeous robe to get ready in? Not only will they appreciate it, you’ll love looking back on your wedding day pictures of you and your pals all wearing matching robes.

Looking for a Robe? // Here's Our Pick!



Who doesn’t love a cozy pair of slippers? Everyone does. This pair is customized for the special ladies you chose to celebrate your big day with. These are perfect if you’re going overnight somewhere for a bachelorette party and the girls can wear them in the hotel, or even for getting ready the day of! Slippers are a classic bridesmaid gift that disappoints none.

Bridesmaid Slippers // Here's Our First Pick! & Here Are Some That Are Perfect for Dancing!



There’s no better way to show your friends some love than with beautiful jewellery. Especially when it’s something they can wear for years after your wedding. If they go with the bridesmaid dresses that’s even better! Even if the earrings aren’t wedding themed per say, the card backing they sit on can be. When it comes to a gift your bridesmaid will continue using after the wedding, jewelry is a no-brainer!  

Go Shopping // Here's Our Pick


#2 // For Seasonal Weddings



If you’re lucky enough to be having a destination wedding, your bridesmaids will likely be thrilled they’ll get to celebrate with you in an exotic location! Make it an extra special invite and reveal of where the wedding will be with bridesmaid sunglasses. Not only are they super convenient for somewhere hot and sunny, but you can get some amazing pictures of everyone dressed up for the big day and wearing matching shades. This one even come with a cute box to keep them safe!

Cute Sunglasses // Here's Our Pick

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A Christmas Ornament!

If you’re having a winter wedding sometime around the holiday season, getting a winter-themed gift is totally appropriate. Christmas ornaments are a perfect bridesmaid gift for your lifelong pals- every year when they go to decorate the tree they’ll be reminded of your special day they got to be a part of. It’s meaningful, everlasting, and super cute!

Pick Your Favorite // Here's Our Pick


Halloween Masks!

Halloween Weddings are all the rage and super fun. The couple usually loves scary movies and a good dress-up event. If you want everyone to be dressed different from a traditional wedding, but have your bridesmaids all still look similar, then a masquerade mask is perfect! Masks are spooky enough to fit the theme, but also come off classy and sultry at the same time. For a Halloween wedding, this is the perfect gift for your bridesmaids!

Have Fun with This // Here's Our Pick 


#3 // Gifts For the "Girly Girl" Bridesmaid


Bridesmaid-themed Hair Ties!

All girls need extra hair ties, lord knows we lose them on the daily! Why not make these ones extra special for your bridesmaids to help you “tie” the knot? You could use them to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids, or give them as a gift when you’re all getting ready together on the big day. Cute, affordable, and extremely useful, these are the perfect gift for your pals who love all things hair.

The Essential  // Here's Our Pick


A Bracelet!

For the sentimental and fashionable girlfriends, gifting them a bracelet is the way to go. Not only can they wear it as an everyday accessory, but they can look down at their wrist and immediately think about how beautiful it was to watch you get married to the love of your life. It’s a reminder of your friendship and a lovely way of saying thank you for being there. Plus, it won’t break the bank.

Shop Your Favorite // Here's Our Pick


A Customized Hanger!

This gift idea is perfect when surprising your bridesmaids with their dresses. It’s cute, convenient, and can be used for years after your wedding day. Plus, it’s super affordable! These ones are extra cool because they’re covered in chalkboard paint- write a special note or personalize for each friend. You could even take some beautiful getting-ready photos of your bridesmaids’ dresses hanging on one.  

Take a Look // Here's Our Pick & Look for Hanger Tags Here


A Makeup Bag!

Every girl that carries all her makeup around in her purse can appreciate a good makeup bag. They keep you organized, and they keep your foundation from messing up the inside of your new purse. Not to mention they can be cute and fashionable! Throw in a mascara and a blush perfect for each of their skin tones and you will have the make your girly-girl bridesmaids so excited to be a part of your big day.

Want to Shop? // Here's Our Pick

#4 // Gifts For the Introspective Bridesmaid


A Journal

We all have those friends who love to journal. They’re usually super thoughtful, maybe a bit introverted, but always an important part of your life. This gift will truly impress them with how much you get each other! You could give a journal to all the girls, or one specifically to your maid of honor who will be needing paper to write some speeches and toasts! Throw in a pretty pen and this gift will go down in the books.

Go and Choose your Favorite // Here's Our Pick


A Bridesmaid Handbook

If you’re the kind of bride that turns into a bridezilla if the flower centrepieces aren’t exactly in the centre of the tables, you might want to get your bridesmaids a handbook. Partially humorous, partially true, this book will prepare your ladies for all the ups and downs of wedding planning. It even has tips on throwing a killer bachelorette party and bridal shower!

Shop now // Here's Our Pick


A Mug

There’s nothing like a nice mug of coffee in the morning as you read the monthly Vogue. Regardless of what you’re reading, mugs are the perfect gift for bridesmaids who rely on their daily cup of joe (or tea) to start the day. Give her a bridesmaid mug and you know she’ll use it forever. Throw some yummy coffee beans or loose-leaf tea inside, and she’ll be your friend until death do you part. We love the Rae Dunn Magenta Collection Mugs because they’re timeless and look great on your desk.

Need a Cute Mug? // Here's Our Pick


A Personalized Tote

For the extremely practical bridesmaids, nothing says function like a new tote bag. It’s simple, it’s sweet, it’s affordable. And, it’s perfect for carrying around books, or for packing your carry-on for a destination wedding. Throw in a magazine and some sunscreen and you’re good to go! When you’re having a wedding on a budget, simple but functional gifts can be the way to go.

Grab your Favorite // Here's Our Pick


Picking out gifts for your bridesmaids shouldn’t be stressful and it shouldn’t break the bank. There are so many options online to choose from that will be appreciated and maybe even cherished by your closest girls. For a money-saving tip, buy online in bulk (packs of 12) to save some money per item! Your wedding day is about celebrating your love; your bridesmaid gifts are about celebrating your friendships.

Have you used any of these ideas before? Or do you have even more ideas? We’d love to know! Leave a comment down below.  

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