From the Founder: What I Plan To Do In 2018

Natalie, here. Yes, the Founder of this company. Writing to you as I sit at my mother's kitchen table in Texas, right after midnight on New Year's Eve, fresh into 2018, stomach full of buffalo wings, and a fancy cup of sauvignon blanc beside me.

This year, for New Years, instead of going to church, my brother & I followed my other brother to one of his favorite spots: a local sports bar called Missouri City Sports Grill. It was the perfect mix of "I'd never hang with these people in real life" and "this is seriously fabulous" as the DJ played classic Black family reunion hits as we counted down to 2018 and took our Patron shots as (adult) siblings. We celebrated the New Years in our own way, and it was actually imperfectly perfect.

Best New Years Resolutions 2018 Boldness

Every year for the past five years or so, instead of having new years resolution goals, I have focused on a word each year. Last year was discipline, the year before was faith. As I thought about what I wanted to focus on in 2018, the word that was constantly on my mind was "bold" and I wanted to share my thoughts with you on why.

A book I'm currently reading, You Are A Badass At Making Money, by Jen Sincero, says the following:

"Imagine that some sort of Grand Pooh-Bah Master of the Universe came down from the heavens and informed you that all the riches you desired were in a warehouse down the street, and were totally 100 percent guaranteed to show up in your life, if you kept diligently working toward them: the money, the dream house, the thriving new business, the killer speaking career, your donation fund to help the homeless, your mortgage payments, the certified, authentic, tube top that Pat Benatar wore on her In the Heat of the Night tour that you saw on eBay, all of it. How would you show up in life if this was the case? If you weren't distracted by feelings of self doubt and worry niggling away in the back of your mind that maybe it wasn't going to happen for you after all?"

This year, I want to be bold. Say yes more often to invites out, take more chances I normally would've talked myself out of, and try new things: not just for Broomstick, but for me as well, personally. I'm more attentive to what God has in store, and what he puts in my mind. After all, the idea for Broomstick itself was a thought that wouldn't leave me alone over the course of my 18-month engagement, and I finally said back to God "ok, I hear you." & look where we are now. With that being said, I've been working for the past few weeks on utilizing my business knowledge to expand our vendor consulting business (better vendors = happier brides & better weddings) and (surprise, surprise) launching a podcast so brides can get smart on their wedding planning woes on the go.

God is so good to me and the Broomstick team, and I am so excited to see what he will do in 2018! I am overflowing with gratitude, and I hope you are too. What is it that you are working on in t2018 and if you are like me, and are focusing on a single word/trait/virtue, what is it? Let me know in the comments below, and as always, feel free to reach me directly at!



Natalie Edwards is the Founder & CEO of Broomstick Weddings. In her spare time, she is either running/attempting to run the Schuykill River Trail in Philadelphia, baking a banana bread, or watching Law & Order with her husband Austin & some wine. To write for Broomstick, click here.