Founded by Natalie Edwards in 2016, Broomstick is the award-winning wedding community & podcast that helps women of color plan their weddings, cultivate great marriages, and live their best lives.



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I created Broomstick in September 2016, shortly after getting married in July and starting my MBA program in August. While at that time I never thought I would start a company, I was (and still am) just so motivated by the frustration I felt over my 18-month engagement about the lack of realness, diversity, and empowerment in wedding inspiration and online resources for brides. I felt like because I didn't look a certain way or because we didn't have lots of money, I had nowhere to turn.

I know what it's like to look at pictures of weddings and either not see people that look like you, or when you do, they appear to have none of your problems. So at Broomstick, we're aiming to break the mold by:

  • Making wedding inspiration more reflective of the world, because brides come in all shapes, sizes, colors, religions, and cultures

  • Connecting brides with the pre-marital and post-marital resources they need to have the wedding and marriage of their dreams, because nice dresses aren't what marriages are based upon

  • Improving the lives of women & girls worldwide, giving a portion of every dollar we make to a rotating list of partner charities

We're not afraid to provide what every other major wedding site does not -- we're not afraid of breaking the status quo, because just like how all brides are uniquely beautiful, so are we. Whether you're working, staying at home, or are a full-time student like I was, we're all balancing marriage, and I hope Broomstick helps you be confident in who you are and provides the resources to make you feel more equipped for life's challenges, before and after you say "I do."

Thanks in advance for your support. Our team is always excited to hear from you, but also feel free to personally drop me a line at

In love always,

Natalie Neilson Edwards

Founder & CEO

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Floral Designs: Framed Florals // Dress Alterations: Diana Deane // Planners: Lavish Occasions // Hair Stylists: Yeluchi  // VickyC5 // Sei Tomoko // Heritage Hair // Mane Advocates // NappStar // Vanity // Shari Kober-Cain // Catering: Chand Palace // Sukhadia Caterers //   Venues: Brooklyn Botanic Garden // Thank you Notes: With Thanks //


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Planners: Mary Smith at A Pearl Event

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Planners: Bella Baxter Special Events 


virtual wedding vendors // Find the best multicultural & inclusion-focused wedding vendors at Broomstick Weddings

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Travel & Honeymoon: Jenn Earley at Cultured Vacations // Pre-Marital & Marriage Counseling: Deona Frierson at The Excellent Marriage

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If you've ever sorted through other wedding site's directories, clicked through to the 20th page to find a vendor you like, or found your floral business listed next to the local supermarket, you share our frustration with online wedding directories & that's why we're different.

We pride ourselves on quality, not quantity. If you're a wedding vendor that prides yourself on the work you do, we want to hear about it. We want to see, encourage, and MAKE HAPPEN the day when any bride, regardless of cultural background, ethnicity, or religion, can go online and find vendors with experience in what they need. Email us at, or use the button below to get in contact. We look forward to hearing from you!